Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

One Shirt, 24 Different Looks

Forgive our recent obsession with clothes, but the topic seems to keep coming up. Whether it’s adding new clothes that do more or getting rid of existing clothes that don’t pay the proverbial rent for their closet space, there’s no shortage of ways in which we can refine and edit this space-hogging category of stuff. A new project/company called MORF is taking on the former category, making one shirt that can be worn 24 different ways. The shirt seems perfect for those looking to both maintain a minimal wardrobe while having a semblance of variation in their look (not that there’s anything wrong with uniformity).

The MORF shirt uses a patent-pending, double-fabric construction that allows it to take on many different forms…well, 24, to be exact. The shirt is mostly cotton and will be available in three different colors (get all three and have 72 shirts!). There are plans to make a dress and a men’s MORF shirt, both expected to be available in October.

Like pretty much every product we write about on this site, MORF is launching on Kickstarter to raise money to ramp up production (with $10K of $25K goal raised and 54 days left, MORF is looking like a slam dunk). A $49 pledge will get you a Blue MORF and will ship in May.

  • Maggie

    Not my ‘colours, but i love the idea!

  • Tessa Hill

    Oh yes! I put in my Kickstart order for one. What a perfect shirt for a Minimalist and especially for travel! Thanks for sharing this- fantastic!

    • IIlI

      it’s great for travelers who MUST forgo weight for freedom. i am talking about the avg. guy or girl wanting to hike or just city hop. for business travelers of course, this would not matter too much. i am actually thinking about making a pair of underwear for men and women with thick lining at the spots where discharge occurs on both sides of the underwear (in and out) so you can reuse it at least twice which will reduce how much you carry on your back when backpacking. i have never seen that on the market. i have no idea why someone doesn’t do this.

  • pam

    Love this and am ordering one. Just need to decide which option. Tough one – we’re going on a cruise in June and I’d love to take one with me. But I’d also like all three colors but that option isn’t delivered until after my cruise.

  • daisy4given

    As an amateur seamstress, this shirt is fascinating and I’m itching to hold one and see how it is put together. But as an Arizonan all I can help but think is, UGH that looks like it would bee too hot to wear!