Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

LifeEdited for Developers and Architects

LifeEdited 2 in relax mode

LifeEdited proves that we can live big lives using less space, stuff and energy. We are a specialty consultant to homeowners,  architects, and developers, helping them design compact apartments and homes that are financially and environmentally smart for both developers and residents. We also often have a strong role outside of design e.g. concepting, investor discussions and marketing. In the end, developers get more per square foot while residents get the lifestyle and functionality of a larger apartment/home but at a reasonable cost. All in a package that is greener and more socially progressive than most market offerings. And we get great home renting or selling press for our projects e.g. New York Times, Dwell, Fast Company, New Yorker, Fair Companies.

What else does LifeEdited do?

We also purchase and develop smaller real estate properties, such as our showcase properties LifeEdited 1, LifeEdited 2 (above), and LifeEdited Maui. At times we also raise money and do some real estate development. For example, we recently created two funds to purchase and improve two sets of small single & multifamily buildings in Brooklyn. We generated excellent returns for our investors. Note that those funds are closed and this is not a solicitation to invest. Finally, as experts in the field, we have given a great number of well received talks about space efficient living, including a TED talk.

What are the characteristics of a good project to work together on?

High Cost/Sft Location  Locations where it is financially smart to really optimize for space e.g. high cost per square foot. Our designs are highly space efficient but do cost more than average.. For instance, this works quite well where LifeEdited started — New York City.
Replicability  Multifamily or multiple single-family where we provide at least two unit type designs and each unit type design will be applied to at least five units. New build or rehab, though not all rehab buildings are amenable to space optimizations.
Decent Budget for LifeEdited effort  $70,000 – $250,000, depending on the number of unit types, the size of the units, and other design factors.

What are the roles?

Since inception, our sole focus has been on space-efficient green design. Thus, in industry terms, we are specialty consultants in green space efficient design. In practice, we deliver highly-detailed CAD drawings, 3D models, and renderings to the architect of record. We love working with architects. And because of our sole focus on space efficient green design, we also provide concepts, ideas, best practices, and even promotional support.

What are typical tasks for LifeEdited?

  • For the building or development as a whole
    • Input on the concept for the building or development
    • Input on unit sizing
    • Input on the building amenities (sharing economy etc..)
    • Pitch decks
    • Creation of the program for the LifeEdited units in the building
    • Coordination with the architect of record
  • For each unit type
    • Very detailed CAD drawings
    • A list of key furnishings
    • High-resolution marketing-ready renderings and 3D models (optional)
    • Animated renderings to show how the unit transforms (optional)
    • Careful coordination with the architect of record
  • Promotion
    • Graham Hill on-site or off to give talks, press interviews etc.
    • Press outreach to our network of contacts
    • Coverage in LifeEdited’s normal channels e.g.
    • & social — we have an audience of
    • 100,000+ people that want to live this way

What projects have you worked on?

If you don’t have a copy of our portfolio, please ask for one. This page is not meant to be a portfolio. But here are a few photos with links.

For more information, please see our FAQ. Or please contact Graham Hill,

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