Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

New Micro Apartment in São Paulo by LifeEdited

LifeEdited is excited to reveal more details about our upcoming VN Quatá project in São Paulo, Brazil. Working in partnership with VITACON (the developer) and Basiches Arquitetos Associados (the architect of record), we designed the interiors for the apartments, which are 173 sq ft/16 sq meters. The apartments also have a 75 sq ft/7 sq meter balcony.

Despite their compact proportions, units will be packed with features. Transforming elements such as hidden beds with sofas, seating for five at tables that go from coffee to dining heights and kitchen counters that moonlight as workstations and entertainment centers give the apartments the functionality of much larger spaces. To add a personal touch, the panel on the wall beds will have custom artwork specified by residents (see all example images below). The building will also feature hotel-like services like daily cleaning, laundry service, a gym, lounge, pool, cafe and more.

VN Quatá are more than tiny, tricked out spaces. They fit into a new ecosystem of living where access to amenities and proximity to work is valued over large, personal spaces. They represent a less car-centric existence than the one that characterizes life in São Paulo today, many of whose residents commute over three hours a day to work. At VN Quatá, residents can bike or walk to work or use one of São Paulo’s car or bike sharing programs for the times when they’re needed.

Project completion is expected for Q1 2016. For VN Quatá purchasing information, contact VITACON.

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All renderings © LifeEdited (not to be used without express permission).

  • Marrena

    If I were living alone, I would love that space. How much storage is stashed in there? And any plans to do something like this in the U.S.?

    • David Friedlander

      hi marrena,
      i’m not sure on storage stats, but will check. some of the design elements are still being hammered out, so whatever we say will be inexact. we have some stuff in the works in the US. nothing quite this small yet, and not quite developed enough to report about it.

      • gblock

        what’s the financial particulars on that project? $200k?

    • David Friedlander

      approximately 113 cubic feet/3.2 cubic meters of storage. it’s not a ton, but pretty good considering the overall size of the place.

  • Todd

    Please, please, pursue a project in Paris… Tiny apartments are abundant here, but not this sort of design that makes them truly livable.

  • Peter Medvin

    David, not sure how to get a hold of you otherwise, so am using this forum. I was in Sao Paolo in August promoting my own small space solution – Zoom-Room, the electronic, remote controlled, retractable Murphy Bed (check it out at Seems to me it could work well in your VITACOM project here, or perhaps elsewhere. It rolls up instead of folding down, so you can put a flat screen TV (or bookshelves) in front, and we’ve just introduced a desk version (that still leaves room for theTV). Anyway, I’d love to know your thoughts.

  • Steve Stearns

    I like the look and feel of this project and the promo by Graham Hill. Nicely done.

    • David Friedlander

      thanks steve!

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