Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

LifeEdited 2



LifeEdited 2 (LE2) is a prototype for apartments in future LifeEdited buildings. It allows dwellers to live a big, happy, smart, green, and simplified life in a 350 sft apartment that functions like one twice its size. You may have already seen it on the cover of the November issue of Dwell.

LifeEdited began in 2010 when Graham Hill, founder of popular eco website TreeHugger, crowdsourced his 420 sft New York City apartment. It demonstrated the “less but better” lifestyle by creating a beautiful apartment with the functionality of a much larger space. LifeEdited 1 (LE1) seats 12 for dinner, has proper sleeping quarters for 2 guests, a great home office, a home theater, and is extremely energy efficient. With its own TED talk, two NYT features and coverage by most major media outlets, it has become one of the most widely published apartments in the world.

Completed in 2016, LE2 is smaller than LE1 but amazingly manages similar functionality. It graciously seats 10 for dinner, hosts two in a guest room, and has a great home office. Our approach to achieve this:

See set of 25 official LE2 photos here or download a zip of web resolution photos here. Or download the high resolution photos: part1, part2, part3.




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A massive thank you to all that helped make this a reality:

Design: LifeEdited, Architect of Record: Guerin Glass, Build: Composite Fabrication, Expeditor: J. Callahan

Extra special thanks to Andrei Butusina, Catalin Sandu, David Friedlander, Andrew Skey, Karolina Wydra, Scott Glass, Shawn Ruddy, Jorge Faz, Bill Byers, Casey Martin, Leah Solomon, Jayson Halladay and the Resource Furniture crew.

Big thanks to Dwell, Sean Sliger, Joanna Sjostrand, Adam Finkelman, Francesca Michel, Lloyd Alter and the TreeHugger crew, Lawrence Hudson, Wing Deng, Sokol Hoti, 150 Sullivan’s board and Paul Brensilber of Jordan Cooper, and others, without whom the project would not have been possible and whom we’ve somehow forgotten to include! 🙂

  • Austin Ford

    Very cool apartment Graham! I’ve been excited to see LE2 for a couple years now. I really love the design choices and how you created such a warm and inviting environment.

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  • Fabiana Magallanes


    Es una excelente propuesta.

    Me gustaría saber el presupuesto para reciclar una casa vieja y comenzar desde cero.

    Soy de Uruguay, así que no los puedo contactar personalmente, pero su propuesta es inspiradora.

    Gracias por hacer de esto una realidad.