Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Do-It-All, Technical Clothing, Now for Women!

It’s not a big secret that women buy and spend more on clothing than men–$708 versus $420 annually according to Bureau of Economic Analysis (and I’ll bet those numbers are conservative). But in the realm of technical, fashion-forward, do-it-all clothing, it’s mostly a man’s world. Even though awesome clothing manufacturers like Outlier Tailored Performance do have several women’s garments, their focus seems mostly on the male market. This niche clothing market seems to be treated like “gear” as much as it is “fashion.” A new venture called Pivotte Studio is trying to change all of this, making simply-designed, technical, multi-function clothing specifically for women.

Of their line’s motivation, Pivotte’s website says, “Stylish clothing can’t handle life on-the-go. Fashionable women’s clothing is too delicate, restrictive, and high-maintenance. On the other hand, activewear is not work-appropriate.” Accordingly, they are making stylish, durable, low-maintenance pants, tanks, jackets, dresses and a cardigan. The designs are classic, well-tailored and come in neutral colors, making them appropriate for a wide variety of casual and formal occasions. All garments are made in NYC and constructed of high quality materials like merino wool and the stain-and-water-resistant, non-wrinkling, four-way-stretch Schoeller Prestige Fabric–making them both durable and low-maintenance. These are garments worthy of a uniform.


Right now Pivotte is raising money on Kickstarter. With 18 days left, they have raised over $21K of their $30K goal. Various levels of contributions will get you different garments: $65 for a tank, $190 for pants and so forth. Like Outlier, these prices are not cheap, but considering their quality and versatility, and their ability to replace several less versatile/stylish items, the math might not be as bad as is seems.

  • Ani

    I like the idea of woman’s clothing that isn’t just designed to look good but is really functional for the average woman. But who on earth pays that much money for clothing as quoted in this article; $708 monthly??? I don’t even spend that yearly!

    • David Friedlander

      Oops. Should have read annually. Corrected.

      • Ani

        Thanks! Was wondering…….

  • Textual Scholar

    This seemed like a good idea and I even went to check their Kickstarter. I guess that only thin women deserve to have their attention. They only produce up to size 10. They have to be kidding.

  • Trying to Minimize

    LOVE the concept…HATE that it isn’t available to anyone over a size 10.