Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Compact, Colorful, Russian Flat

We’ve seen INT2 Architecture on this site in the past. The St Petersburg-based firm is Russia’s go-to firm’s for tricking out compact spaces. Though not as small as the 140 sq ft space we looked at before, this 430 sq ft space is far from huge and full of clever ideas. And even though we have a fondness for austere spaces, there’s something refreshing about the apartment’s liberal use of color and decoration.

INT2 does a nice job of creating virtual “rooms” in the studio space. In what seems to be a motif for the firm, they installed a raised wooden structure along the window that houses storage as well as making a distinct bedroom/office. A large sofa delineates the living area and a small round table serves as the dining area. Planters and pieces of playful art make the place feel warm and playful without being busy.

  • Jill Joiner

    I am amazed by how open this space is considering the square footage. The color palette is unique and vibrant. All in all a job well done.

  • Chris

    This is a beautifully designed functional space. It reminds me of some of the ‘homes’ that Ikea sets up in their stores, only much better.

    It’s good that they were either able to remove internal walls or the place had none to begin with. And, that it’s squarish rectangle with great natural light.

    I’m currently living in about 500 sq ft rectangle where the length is 2.5 / 3 times the length of the width with walls and not so great natural light. Which severely limits what I can / can’t do., especially as it’s a rental.

  • Kate Motina

    it’s really beautifull flat, all space is well-designed, as i like=) But i think it’s need a wardrobe like this one bespoke fitted wardrobes I think it will perfectly fit in)

  • rumurphy

    Hmm… beautiful but flawed. Got to keep sleeping area separate from work area.

  • Alexander López

    Russian interior architecture has always been rich in colors and patterns (At least before the communist regime). This one has merged that tradition with some 21st century sobriety with tasteful results.

  • Melbournite

    These images are renders right? They get so impressive these days I can’t always tell.

    • David Friedlander

      hilarious. i think you’re right. these are renderings. lloyd alter at treehugger says, “look for the outlets.” i don’t see any, leading me to believe these are in fact renderings. good eye!

      • Melbourne

        Now I look properly I can see it, no question… this apartment is virtual.