Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Small Space Solutions for Beds

Beds can take up a lot of space and are unnecessary during our waking hours. Why allow this large piece of furniture so much precious real estate when we aren’t even awake when we’re using it?! With the use of transforming and multifunctional beds, they can greatly improve the way a small space functions. Here is a list of the different types of beds that can make the most of your tiny bedroom.


Trundle Bed

A trundle bed conveniently tucks under an existing bed with the use of wheels. This home office can transform into a guest bedroom instantly with the pull of the trundle bed extension. You can easily sleep two comfortably.

Fold Down Bed

This sleeping situation folds out of the wall and frees up floor space. It maximizes open area as it hides itself within the built in cabinet. The Clei Kali Sofa shown here has removable cushions that make way for the sofa to be fully revealed.

Murphy Bed

We’re huge fans of murphy beds, so much that we’ve used them in all of our LifeEdited homes.  They are widely popular in microapartments and for good reason. Similar to the fold down bed, the murphy bed hides in the wall and folds out vertically. The Clei Oslo transforms from sofa to bed with a mere pull. When the bed is hidden, a shelf sits above a comfy couch. When the user is ready to sleep, the shelf serves as the leg for the bed and pulled down. The bed then collapses over the sofa and the transformation is complete.

Sofa Bed

Pull out couches have been around forever. They are perfect for last minute guests. Although they’re very convenient, most sofa beds can be somewhat clunky and difficult to pull out. The Law Dormeuse is a modern, lightweight solution that can be transformed within seconds. As an added bonus it also comes with a removable cover.

Loft Bed

Popular among students, it allows the sleeping functions to remain out of the way while using the floor space for a desk.  The functions of a workspace and bedroom are all in one area so you don’t have to go far after pulling those all nighters. Loft beds are also perfect for small spaces with high sealings (unless you like bumping your head).

Elevated Bed

For those who would rather keep their workspace and bedroom separate, an elevated bed is a nice a alternative to the loft bed. Extra storage space beneath the bed is easily accessed by lifting it overhead. The Letto loft bed shown here has enough space for your own walk-in closet.

A Bed Desk Bed

Turn your desk into bed just by folding it out. The concept is similar to the loft bed, but with less climbing and doesn’t require high ceilings. Nano Studios created their bed desk combo for a set of microapartments aimed for students. These bedroom solutions can definitely alleviate many of the problems caused by cramped dorm rooms.

Sofa Bed Bunk Bed

Double up with the sofa bunk bed. This concept expands on the sofa bed by adding another level. The Ciel Doc comes with a compact ladder and safety railiing for the top bunk that neatly folds out and tucks away. You now have twice the room for last minute guests.

Under Floor Bed

Completely hidden from the naked eye, an underfloor bed can pulled out from underneath a raised floor. Once you’re done sleeping, the bed can be pushed back in and your floor space is once again free. it’s a convenient solution if you can’t have the option to pull out a bed from the wall like a murphy or fold down bed.

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