Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Shocking Exposé on Where Our Stuff Comes From and Goes

We were going to do a post focusing on the “The Story of Change”–the latest video from the “The Story of Stuff” folks about building a movement around less stuff and responsible industrial practices. But then we realized that many people have not seen “The Story of Stuff.”

Directed by Annie Leonard in 2007, “The Story of Stuff” takes a deep and sobering look into the black hole that is our stuff. We talk a lot about the personal tax stuff takes on our lives, but Leonard goes much deeper into the global environmental and social tax our stuff takes. It’s not pretty or easy to watch, though Leonard’s jaunty tone and cartoon illustrations makes it somewhat palatable.

“The Story of Change” attempts to turn SOS’s message into a movement. SOC is not as hard-hitting as SOS, but it nonetheless shows possible pathways out of the consumer quagmire we find ourselves in, likening the call to action with the US Civil Rights Movement and Gandhi’s movement for Indian independence. features other stories about things like bottled water, cosmetics and electronics–all worth watching.

In creating new values and a new society–one that does not blindly adhere to the idea that more, newer and bigger is better–we need to cultivate awareness. Few people in the last decade have done more for bringing awareness to our Stuff-aholic tendencies than Leonard. If you haven’t watched “The Story of Stuff”, take some time to do so.

  • Terry Slaughter

    Very Pedantic… and ignorant of the true need to first stop the elitist banker monopoly who probably funded this video!  Yes, action is needed. Action against the illegal Obama administration, who is gutting our civil rights; caught shipping guns to Mexican gangs, so they can have an excuse to take away our 2nd amendment; the same people behind 9/11, Columbine, Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma bombing, the  Wako Massacre, the Giffords attack, the Batman shootings, and now the Sikh temple shootings.  For you Obama lovers… did you know that one Dec. 31st 2001, your beloved dictator gave himself executive powers to KILL any of us… with no questions asked.  Sound like Nazi Germany?  Well thanks a lot… that’s what your “Yes We Can… Thank you Satan” vote has brought us.  It’s your fault.  Pull your head out of the sand and go look it up.  It’s all true!
    The objective of those at the top… pushing crap like this video… is not to fix the problems.  It’s to make you and I pay THEM taxes on every little thing we do… as if giving THEM our money will solve a damn thing!   It’s all about grabbing money and power and culling billions of useless eaters world-wide.  I say cull the Bankers, lawyers, politicians and lobbiests first… for the good of the planet.  🙂

    • Tedward

      December 31st, 2001?  That sounds a little premature to me.  

      • Terry Slaughter

        My bad… I meant 2011.

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  • Paul

    Story Of Stuff… This video was so over simplified, patronising and just plain daft, I stopped watching half way through.  I expected better from the otherwise great website LifeEdited.