Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Devotion to this Guru Saves Travel Time

In the next few days, many of us will find ourselves taking to the skies en route to family fun (or obligation). With winter weather and crowded airports to navigate, there are a host of variables that can add hours and stress to your travel plans. A free app called GateGuru for iOS, Android and Windows Phones takes a lot of the mystery–and headache–out of air travel.

GateGuru has several functionalities that allow you to confidently venture forth using the most current information about your flight and airport. One is the JourneyCard, which shows “high level” information like airport weather and scheduled departure times.

The FlightCard shows specific up-to-date info about your flight such as departure and arrival times, gate info, baggage carousel info and even estimated security wait times. This function is a great one-stop-shop where normally we call the airline for flight current flight info, write down–then subsequently lose–arrival time and terminal details, and have no idea how long security is until we arrive at the airport.

Other features include a list of amenities at your airport like restaurants and shops (spoiler: most of them are overpriced and not that good). GateGuru has a partnership with Avis rental cars, allowing on-the-fly bookings with that company via the app. And GateGuru will show your travel-stats–miles traveled, frequent-flyer info, etc.

Part of living an edited life is eliminating unnecessary steps wherever we can. While some of us find a certain serendipitous glee spending 10 hours in an airport waiting for our flight to leave, meeting new friends, eating Quiznos and so forth, most of us would rather be doing something–anything–else. GateGuru holds the promise of editing our travel times this holiday season and beyond.

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