Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Sign PDF’s, Ditch the Fax

Has anyone recently asked you to telegram a message because they want to make sure it gets to you safely? Perhaps a carrier pigeon or pony express? Of course not. But has someone asked you to send a signed document via fax machine? Probably so.

Different people have different tactics for getting around the Dodo-in-waiting that is the fax. For some, sending a fax involves printing the document, signing it, scanning that document, then sending that scanned version via email (you probably save the signed paper document “just in case,” creating more paper clutter). Or some of us keep an eFax number, so we can trick people into thinking the scanned PDF is coming from a real live fax machine…suckas! Except these numbers often cost us $10/month. Any way you spin it, this process is a pain that uses way too much time, paper, money and equipment–all to achieve a questionable level of security.

There are now many ways to sign PDF’s, Word Docs and any other signable document without scanning, paper, expense or hassle.

There are a number of fancy signers that create digitally encrypted signatures, many of which cost upwards of $15/month.  While these might be great for lawyers and mobsters who have some serious security issues, the LifeEdited team has been using the pretty budget PDF Signer app for a while now with great success. For $10, it allows your Mac to open any document and overlay your digital signature, which can either be made by scanning your signature or even taking a photograph. It also allows you to fill in boxes with standard text.

Options for other devices/operating systems:

  • LifeHacker recommends DocuSign Ink for iOS. This free app allows you to sign documents with your finger as well as fill in text.
  • For Android, there’s a highly rated app called Fill and Sign PDF Forms, which allows you to, um, fill and sign PDF forms ;-).
  • PD Fill works for PC’s and comes highly recommended by CNET. $19.99.