Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

258 Sq Ft Apartment is the Ultimate Edited Bachelor Pad

Our friends at Fair Companies made this great video showing Barcelona-based photographer Christian Shallert’s 258 sq ft transforming apartment. The tiny space makes Gary Chang’s 344 sq ft apartment look like a mansion.

Unlike Chang’s apartment, whose jewel-box sheen makes it feel other-worldly, the wood cabineted interior of Shallert’s home make it feel like something that could be realized without an astronomical budget (or a degree in astrophysics).

Of note is his allocation of space. He includes a good size fridge and dishwasher in the tight kitchen, showing how small spaces can be adjusted to the habits of their owners.

One space that was not allocated was a relationship: After Shallert decided to cohabitate with his partner, he realized the space was a great bachelor pad, but not so great for 2.

Shallert contends that what most of us really want out of a home is a nice, comfortable mattress, clean sheets, running water and a stove to cook stuff. What about you? What do you think is essential in a home? How does that change with different circumstances like living with a partner or children?

via Fair Companies

  • Debra

    Some of us actually like to live at home. We need work space for hobbies or just puttering around. Families do need extra space, enough to be able to get away from each other at times (couples too), spaces for gathering, and for children to play. My home is entirely too big for an empty-nest couple, but it is wonderful when the children are back home for the holidays to be able to house everyone in reasonable comfort and privacy. I like the idea of a well-designed, compact home and my favorite home was the 1000 sq foot home we lived in many years ago. Unfortunately, with the economy the way it is, we’re stuck with this money pit, probably forever. It was a compromise at the time we bought it.

  • Doug

    Impressive ability to hide stuff away but come on – who would actually be happy in such a cramped space.  It’s horrible.

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  • fantastic ideas, not all as easy to live with but all inspiring in downsizing and considering decluttering.

  • MozVolta

    This is awesome for single people living on the cheap. Love it.

  • rumurphy

    Love many of the ideas.. is getting my creative juices flowing for improving my house.. a 150 sq ft RV that I tow around USA while I work and play.

    One thing I don’t quite get that doesn’t really follow the less is more mantra is the gigantic fold down cabinet to hide the kitchen. I think having the exposed kitchen space would break up the monotony of the flush wood wall. Having instance access to kitchen at all times is nice and you guys look cramped underneath the kitchen with that cabinet hovering over your heads.

    • Olivier

      I agree, but for the sake of it, if someone would still want to hide the kitchen I would simply use a different way to do it, like using a set of small curtains that you can slide away.

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  • Michele

    I loved this vid of Christian’s apartment so much! I love that you can put everything away and have an uncluttered-looking space. Also when the bed’s away you can use the floor for exercise. I also love the balcony/terrace with those folding doors/windows and then there’s more lounging space on the next level! fabulous! I want to take a vacation to Barcelona so I can stay in that space. He rents it out as a hotel room via his site