Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

See the LifeEdited Apartment Move Through its Many Functions

This short video shows the first LifeEdited apartment (LE1) go through its many iterations: from home office living room, home theater, dining room, bedroom, guest room, meditation room, kitchen and many stops in between. Completion of LE1 expected early May, 2012.

  • Boothefox

    Do you know that your site is unreadable on ipad 🙁 (it looks like disqus comments are sitting in front of an article)

  • CzarinaM Gutierrez

    I like the end result, but going through my things, it seems irresponsible of me to simply throw it away in the trash, sending it to landfills, but I do have things that are functional, but ugly, or things that are beautiful, but not functional, and I also have a lot of things that have sentimental value.  But I would like to pare down my belongings to the minimum.  How do I achieve this responsibly, in light of the fact that so much of what I want to toss out would be someone else’s treasure in the developing world.  And what about paper tigers?  How do you digitize everything when the originals still have value?  Like family photo albums, and framed photos, etc. And I want to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and recover everything, but it takes so much time to find out who takes what and who does what is responsible with it.  We could be recovering by redirecting so much material that can be recycled, like aluminum foil. 

    I really like the life edited apartment – what does it cost to build such a place?

    • ultimately, it’s a personal choice of what to keep and what to toss or give away, but keep in mind sentimental objects or “valuables” often charge high rent, both physically and mentally. we need not get rid of all of our sentimental object–a good way to assess whether to keep something or not is how often you interact with it. i know there are several items i only interact with when i’m moving. i thumb through some pictures, decide to keep them, then check them out the next time i move. one thing i did was cull through my pictures and took out a few good shots that represent certain epochs in my life. the rest i threw away.

      we’re still doing the math with the lifeedited apartment ;-), so i can’t get you a price just yet.

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  • Toni Jude

    Amazing–definitely am de-cluttering.  Maybe there is another step.

  • Pru

    Love this idea. I have already downsized from a 3 bedroom house to 530 sq ft so I have a little more space to work with. I can tell you that I really enjoy simplifying my life. Leaves more time for living and less time having to put things away, and clean them etc. Also, so easy to redecorate. Change throw pillows or area rug for a whole new look..This needs to be the future. 

  • Don Kinzler

    Absolutely innovative, impressive & aesthetically pleasing.  Would fit my edited lifestyle perfectly.  I have only one concern – fire.  Can fire sprinklers be incorporated in the ceiling without hindering the mobility of the modular walls?

  • Sonrhiza

    Love it…. about 5 yrs ago after my divorce I lived in a 3 bedroom apt… although we lived under the same roof I didn’t feel like I watch them. I than downsize to a 1 bedroom apt in a nicer area bought a Murphy bed. :`) Now my kids have their own “Girls Room” and I have a “Studio” for myself….. I now enjoy my kids and watch them grow, we are more United. I love Downsizing because it made my life that much SIMPLER. 

  • G – Sydney, Australia

    This design requires a disciplined person.
    Someone who would happily put away the bed daily (a lot of people don’t even make their bed).
    The dining table is great though!!

  • Switch The Field

    Cool ideas … but my goodness, man, add a little color to your life!

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  • Interested viewer

    reminds me of a presentation I saw about a Japenese gentleman who did an extreme version of this a while back.

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  • Brizian

    That Resource Furniture bed costs about $12,000. The tables start around
    $4,000. Their products are outrageously priced (which is why there are
    no prices on their website) and they are not even particularly
    well-made. I visited a Resource Furniture showroom recently to view the
    free-standing version of that bed and it appeared to be backed with the
    same cardboard as a $50 bookshelf from IKEA.

    This type of living
    will never be commonplace until someone makes it affordable. But I’m
    guessing that well over $100,000 was dropped into this apartment: and
    I’ll wager most people living in small apartments don’t have that kind
    of money.

    I’d love to see an affordable version of this done. I
    live in a 400 sq. ft. apartment, but no one seems interested in selling
    me furniture in my price range.

    • Agreed that the accessories are outrageously expensive but I’d guess he more than made up for it with the cheaper cost of a smaller apartment.

  • Rudyard

    I love the idea of this but isn’t this just more green washing? Buy this (VERY expensive) stuff and get rid of your stuff and be cool and green?

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  • ASanJuan


    It’s unfortunate the Architects didn’t give credit or even mention the first architects that came up with and built this concept in China a few years back. It was even showcased on World’s Greenest Homes on Planet Green. Here’s the video: The video actually shows a guy “living” in the space.

    Here’s another story on it:

    Please give credit where credit is due.

    My $0.02,


    • hi a,
      we’re huge fans of gary chang and refer to him often. while both our and his apartments feature moving walls, the similarities end there. chang’s aesthetic and functionality are, we feel, significantly different than the lifeedited apartment. in fact, this is the first comparison we’ve ever heard between the two.

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  • Well done, very curious about the total cost of the finished build-out with core fixed furnishings.

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  • Zé Luiz

    Gostaria de oferecer para meus clientes ,voces poderiam me enviar um catalogo ,muito obrigado.

  • Ashley H

    The idea is lovely, but if the prices were a little better it would be perfect. Reading other’s comments about the prices for some of the appliances changes my thoughts about the apartment.

  • Phillius Thomas

    Are there apartment rentals of this apartment? I feel like there needs to be.

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  • Timon Berg

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  • David

    Do they have these apartments in Sydney Australia

  • I suppose if you didn’t own any material possessions, and only watched tv and ate and slept there, this apartment living style would be awesome. Not sure it would be convincing to many people who see their apartments as their homes.

  • It is really neat to watch how this apartment changes into many different layouts. Thanks for sharing.

  • Stuartwilliamson

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