Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Instead of a Cruise, Go on a ‘Stay’ at El Cosmico Trailer Park Resort

The world moves too damn fast, right? Everyday, we are assaulted by a thousand forms of stimulation, each whittling down our precious time and attention to nano levels. Ever feel like turning off the phone, closing that tab, setting up the auto-responder, canceling those appointments and skipping out for a bit?

Few places seem as well-suited to meet this objective as El Cosmico, an 18 acre resort (or sorts) at the outskirts of Marfa, TX. El Cosmico offers lodging and “community space that fosters and agitates artistic and intellectual exchange.” Its mission is described in its “Mañanifesto.” Here’s an excerpt:

Mañana doesn’t care about email or normal hours of operation. Mañana recognizes that we can’t all have everything we want at any given moment, like peaches in January or cell phone reception in West Texas. Mañana is the anticipation that it might happen today, and it might just as likely not, and really either way it’s not that big of a deal. The key to Mañana lies somewhere in the unspecified future. It holds the great promise of hope…El Cosmico is at the center of this exodus from a world of urgency, and flies its Mañana flag proudly.

Sounds perfect.

El Cosmico offers several, full-amenity trailers ranging from $110-150/night. Other accomodations include yurts, teepees, army tents and camping.

It also offers an elm grove of hammocks, dutch hot tubs, a community lounge and mercantile and an outdoor kitchen and dining space.

Should you be craving more activity than swinging on a hammock (we’re not sure why), there are numerous “happenings“, things like concerts, potlucks, drinks and playing dice. They also offer workshops; currently, there are ones for songwriting and “Camp Design Build Adventure,” both of which sound pretty cool.

For most of us, there is so much to do, and to be done now, if not sooner. Places like El Cosmico allow you step back and realize there is always the option of mañana.

images via El Cosmico