Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Paris Hilton Discovers Minimalism, Moves into Tiny House

In what is surely a sign of things to come, Paris Hilton, once the poster girl of conspicuous consumption, has adopted a minimalist lifestyle and has given up a 12k sq ft Malibu mansion for a tiny house in Eugene, Oregon.

“I just couldn’t keep up any more,” she told the Eugene Register-Guard, likely referring to her former BFF Kim Kardashian and her ilk. “The house, the cars, the clothes, the parties…it just became too much.” Hilton gave away most of her possessions and sought to find the peace of mind she had whilst on set of “The Simple Life.”

By far her boldest move was her change of residence. Her new home is a mere 180 sq ft. It features propane heat and a composting toilet. There are remnants of her past glam style like the house’s pink exterior, but make no mistake, Hilton is committed to living differently. 

“There’s no going back. I couldn’t be happier,” Hilton told the Register-Guard. “It’s weird. Somehow, by knowing where everything is, I know where I am. There’s obviously a corollary between one’s physical and psychic spaces. If the former is contained and orderly, so is the latter. I just couldn’t get that when I was living in such a big place. There was too much physical, and hence psychic, noise.”

Hilton has big plans for the little place including adding photovoltaic power and a water catchment system. She’s also been studying permaculture and would eventually like to create a totally self-sustaining tiny house community.

“Me and Jay [Shafer of Four Lights Tiny House Company] have been talking a lot lately,” she continued. “Between his technical knowhow and my star power, we think we can really change the world for the better. If people can see that someone like me can adopt this way of life, then they can see than anyone can. It’s like I say, every global change starts with a personal one.”