Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Never Bend or Upgrade Your Smartphone Again

Are you sick of constantly feeling tethered to your smartphone? Are you sick of feeling like you must have the latest and greatest model…that if your phone has beveled versus rounded edges, you are somehow out of pace with the times? Are you worried about bending your smartphone? Are you looking to kick your smartphone addiction, but fear you’ll miss the weight of the phone in your pocket or having something to clutch? Well, look no further, because the NoPhone has you covered (no matter where you might roam). According to its Kickstarter site, the NoPhone is a “technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact that allows you to stay connected with the real world.”


The NoPhone has no pesky battery to wear out, it never needs upgrading, it’s completely shatter and waterproof, we suspect it’d take a lot to bend (take that iPhone 6 Plus) and it’s totally unlocked. And best of all, the NoPhone can be yours for a mere $12 Kickstarter pledge. Another $6 will buy you a selfie upgrade, which allows you to share candid self-portraits with friends, assuming they’re standing right behind you looking over your shoulder.

  • Jonathan

    This plastic is going to end up in landfill! Probably after it has sat in a draw for a year or two. Is this product consistent with the values of an edited life? We need less junk not more!

    Just don’t upgrade your smartphone- if you don’t feel you need to. If you use it too much turn it off. or if you can’t bring yourself to turn it off put it in to flight mode as a first step. If are so against the Smart phone you have- give it to someone that needs it & pick up a (second hand) dumb phone.

  • Holly

    Wouldn’t it be better to just not have a cell phone rather than carry around a pointless piece of junk? What a waste and completely not environmentally friendly.

  • kenjyi

    this is very much the opposite of ‘minimal’

  • Alexander López

    It is April 1st already?

  • Nanouli Person

    I love this device. I call my current phone a dumb phone. It is really meant to just act as a phone. I watch so many people staring at screens these days, they literally miss the world walking by. I once went to a park with my son. Every other parent was staring at their phones the whole time. It may be just a parody, but it makes a great statement.