Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Cooking and Dining Kit with the Minimalist in Mind

The LifeEdited apartment could do seated dinners for 12, made possible by the Resource Furniture Goliath Table. While having the capability to entertain so many guests is remarkable, it is hardly normal for most people who live in small homes. On a day-to-day level, these people dine alone or with a couple other people at most. For them, having cooking and dining sets for more than a few people is more burden than luxury. What they need is a few staple items that can do double and triple duty and store compactly–exactly the idea behind K T C H N, “a concise kitchenware set designed for the challenge of small space living,” according to designer James Salisbury.

K T C H N was actually Salisbury’s master’s thesis project. He has this to say about the cooking and dining set:

Inspired by the minimalist movements, it focuses on combining effective use of space with sufficiency in selection of items, this set promotes a simplistic, efficient lifestyle. K T C H N contains a select cooking set for two. The product range allows gradual adaptation to more efficient small space living through the use of fewer, multipurpose items.

Most of the items in the compact unit are made of ceramic enameled stainless steel, so they can be used for dining or cooking. In the kit are two plates that also act as pan lids, two bowls that can be used as pans, a large sauce pan, a frying pan, two ceramic cups, two maple cutting boards and two maple removable handles for the pans and lid. Also included are two portable induction hobs, aka burners. All of the items fit together to make a portable unit that is held together by a leather strap.

The whole unit is very elegant and I like the fact that the plates and bowls can be used to cook as well, though I think if I were to use K T C H N at home, I would rarely strap it together. One of the best applications I can see is using the set in a very space deprived setting like a tiny house or RV. It has all the functionality and efficiency of a camping cook-set, but the heft, durability and design of something meant to stay at home.

If you’re wondering, Salisbury has no immediate plans to put K T C H N into production.