Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Comfortably Seat Ten in Your Micro Apartment

In the coming months, we will be highlighting products and services we use in the LifeEdited apartment. Today, we’re looking at the Resource Furniture Goliath Table.  

Of all the pieces of furniture in the LifeEdited apartment, none get more oohs and ahs than the Goliath Table. The table, made in Italy by Ozzio and distributed in the US by Resource Furniture, transforms from a 17″ deep console without leafs to 115″ dining room table with.

Depending on how many of the five leafs you add, you can make the table appropriate for seating two, four, etc. In the cozy 420 LifeEdited space, it’s a critical piece of furniture, allowing us to easily host dinner parties for ten plus people.

When not in use, we store the table under a breakfast bar made especially for the Goliath.

The table is available in a number of durable finishes. Visit Resource Furniture’s website for full details. While the starting price of $3950 might strike many as a lot of money, consider that this table can effectively turn any room into a real dining room. Think about the cost of eliminating 50-100 sq ft from your home. How much would that save?

Perhaps you’d use it to turn your dining room into something you might use more like a home office. Likewise, the table’s high quality construction make it something you can keep for many years. Looked at this way, we think the Goliath a great investment (it’s sure to impress your dinner guests too).

  • Dory

    Where do you store the chairs?

    • hi dory,

      we store the chairs and leafs in a closet. might add a slide above to show.

      i think if did it over again, we might use folding chairs. much more compact and easy to handle. you might check out this post from a while ago showing some options

      • I was thinking the Piana Folding Chair would be a nice, ultra compact fit.

      • Steve Stearns

        I personally like the Voxia Eco stackable chairs. They are very stylish and modern and “fit” so well with LE1 apartment. I would be concerned about folding chairs. While they would save storage space, folding chairs tend to be uncomfortable, at least in my own experience.

  • I’ve seen this table at Resource and it’s great. Too bad about the price. Anything similar out there with a more reasonable price point?

  • scn231

    I’d love to see some cheaper options for foldable tables. I’m multipurposing my dining room as a yoga room, and something like this would be great – but that’s four month’s rent where I live, and when I move in a year I’m not sure I’ll be keeping my furniture. I appreciate the concept of investing in quality products, but it would require some very optimistic math to make that table worth it!

    • not sure if this qualifies as “cheap” but we did a profile a while back on a table by duffy london which was about $1000.
      it’s not nearly as big as the goliath, but does convert from coffee table to dining, which has a lot of advantages.
      we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more affordable options.
      frankly, best option might be a couple sawhorses and a nice piece of solid or high wood or furniture grade ply. it can be easily taken apart and stowed. the weight of the wood, along with some sort of simple fastening system, would be sufficient to make it a stable dining table.

  • Suze

    This type of expandable table can also be found in antique stores as there are many examples from early 1900’s. I have my grandmothers table that stores as a hall table but fully extended can seat 8-10.

    • JacquelineR

      Hi Suze,

      I’m dying to know more about your grandmother’s table!! Clever antique or vintage furniture is my passion. Nothing new under the sun. Would love to chat! Please drop me a line!

  • Edward Bergmann

    What are these going for if you were to rent?

    • not sure yet edward. be sure to sign up for out “interested in buying or renting” mailing list. we’ll keep you apprised of any market offerings.

  • maria

    Where is the bathroom?

  • Annie M

    I’d really like to see pictures of the bathroom & kitchen.

  • Uma boa dose de criatividade para resolver os problemas do cotidiano da vida humana.

  • A good dose of creativity to solve the problems of everyday human life.

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  • DF


  • di

    Try a sofa bed, daybed or floor cushions.

    Dine with a plate in your lap.

    • David Friedlander

      you are prolific di.

  • Medi

    i really love this concept, having lived in HK and Tokyo I could have done with this!! However, if your dream really is to help people live within their budgets and improve the quality of their lives, then you need to work harder to democratise the set up cost of each room. if you are justifying the price of a table by comparing it to the price of owning a dining room, then I would think its clear that your table is too expensive.

  • The Minivan Mom

    I found rhis type of table at a garage sale 10 years ago for $25, complete. It was from 1944, and the (original) owner said that it was referred to as a “Honeymoon ” table. That it was commonly given as a wedding present from the grooms parents in hopes that they would be 1) invited to supper 2)that the young family would grow in numbers to fil the spots at the table! This colorful gal raised her 6 kids around this table and their home was known for its gwt-togethers, parties & everyday celebrations. I was honored to be asked personally by her before the opening her moving sale “The Barn” (as their home was called by everyone here) if I would give it a good & well-used home. I have raised my three kuds & their friends, and look forward to spending time with the next generation – especially the everyday celebrations. May YOUR table be filled often by family & frieds.

    • JacquelineR

      Hi Minivan Mom!
      How interesting about your table!! I just love that story.
      I bought a brilliant bench that turns into a queen size bed from the ’40’s too!!! An elderly Italian couple had it for sale in front of their house…also $25!! I’ve had it for 20+ years & use it every day.
      I would love to know more about your find as I’m crrrazy about vintage furniture.
      Please drop me a line. Thank you!!

  • gowry

    How about the availability in UK?

  • uli

    hello together, where can i buy this table in Germany?