Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

What to Do with Your LPOIP (Little Pieces of Important Paper)

With April 15th just come and gone, you might be burrowing away 2011 receipts in a folder (or, like me, jamming their crinkled remains into a Sharpied envelope). Once you’ve filed your receipts—feeling 80% confident you got all of them and 90% sure the IRS won’t bust you—you notice other little pieces of important paper: business cards. Manually entering them into your contacts is a pain, so you make a pile and keep the ones you’re going to act on toward the top; those important ones stay on top until newer, more important cards replace them. Eventually, there’s an unintelligible, begging-to-be-tossed pile of paper.

For many of us, LPOIP (little pieces of important paper) is a big problem (figuratively speaking). We are unable to organize them well and can’t throw them away.

Enter The online service allows you to make digital records for receipts, business cards and several other varieties of LPOIP’s like bills and bank statements.

Users can mail, scan or use one of their iPhone or Android apps to make a record of the LPOIP. A high accuracy, OCR, human-checked scan is made and recorded on the site. The receipts are high quality enough to be accepted by the IRS and business card data is entered into a CRM file for easy uploading (note cool design or nice paper stock unfortunately).

There’s a free plan which features 5 monthly OCR/human scans; you can also use their web uploader, which requires a little manual input. Paid plans range from $10-50/month depending on the amount of documents scanned.

It’s easy to argue for holding on to some types of paper like old photos and love letters, but receipts and business cards are just pains–ones that accumulate over the years, requiring file cabinets and elaborate organization. Services like Shoeboxed allow you to save space, organize and simplify an otherwise entropic scenario.

image via Planet Receipt