Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Sell Stuff Now, Easily

We’ve given tons of tips for selling your stuff. You can get an eBay valet to do it for you, you can sell your stuff on CraigslistKrrb or Yerdle. And of course, you can just give stuff away. With the exception of using an eBay valet and donating stuff, most strategies generally leave the seller (you) to be your stuff’s shipping and inventory manager. For those looking to make rapid life edits, this can be an agonizing process, both waiting for your stuff to sell and dealing with it when it does sell, all serving as a protracted reminder of all your poor life purchase decisions. A new service called Stuffhopper does something different, relieving you of pretty much all responsibility aside from waiting for someone to pick up your stuff and making money.

Unlike an eBay valet, Stuffhopper accepts a huge range of stuff–from furniture to appliances to handheld electronics. You describe your stuff to give them a sense of what you’re selling (they understandably don’t want your broken junk). You then schedule a pickup (if the value exceeds $100) via their site or app. Stuffhopper then goes about creating listings for your stuff, photographing it, creating descriptions and then selling it on whatever channel(s) are most appropriate. Because they are expert sellers, they know how to price and market your products better than you ever would. When they sell the stuff, they take a 50% cut of the net sale and give you the rest. If stuff doesn’t sell in 60 days, they send it back free of charge or donate it with your blessing.

Stuffhopper claims that the average house contains $7K worth of unused stuff. But for many of us, the value proposition of accessing that money–the time and effort involved with selling–isn’t sufficiently compelling to motivate us to do anything about it. Stuffhopper could change that.

Unfortunately for most of us, Stuffhopper is only available in Seattle, but we think it’s an idea that has legs and hope it expands to other cities.

Via Geekwire