Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Furniture System is the Center of Entertainment

For better of worse, dining has gotten pretty casual in our modern times, with many people taking their meals on a couch, at a small kitchen table or, if we have one, counter. Paying for and maintaining a dedicated dining room whose main function is to be on standby for the occasional dinner party doesn’t make much financial sense. But having the capacity to properly entertain is pretty sweet, which is why the Smart Living TV wall system by Ozzio Design is pretty sweet. Concealed inside the entertainment center are chambers that hold a collapsing dining table and six folding chairs.

The front panel holds a large TV, which swings out of the way to access the chairs. This makes the system ideal for folks for whom the TV is a room’s centerpiece (not a judgment statement, just a fact).

The system is available in the US through Resource Furniture. The TV rack/storage element can be ordered without the side shelving for $5,300 in a lacquer finish. The “Mini Long” table starts at $2,040, and a set of 6 Nobys chairs starts at $960. Grand total: $10,950.

We know some our readers are going to get in a tizzy about the cost. That’s fine. But hear us out post-tizzy. A dedicated dining room is easily 100 sq ft. In cities like San Francisco and New York, price per square foot for an apartment purchase regularly exceeds $1000–i.e. $100K. But let’s say you live in a city like Washington DC, where one and two bedrooms only cost around $500 per square foot. That’s still $50K. Not to mention, any reasonably high quality entertainment center, dining table and chairs is going to run you at least a couple grand. Depending on your priorities and means, this math is way easier to justify than paying for a room that’s used a couple times a month.



  • skg

    good idea, but rip-off price; I think if you hire a local cabinet maker you can get it done for 2K.

  • kim printz

    Justify it however you want. That’s an obscene amount of money to spend.

  • Chris

    I think it’s an interesting but very expensive piece of furniture.

    The argument that this is cheaper than a dining room is correct but very weak. Having a dining room adds value to a property and its value will increase over time.

    This will not.

    Fix the TV to the wall, 1 or 2 shelves for the DVR, cable box, etc below it. A gate leg table from Ikea and chairs that double as both dining and additional seating. If you want or need folding chairs you can hang them on the wall as art. Total cost, maybe $1,000.

    Much more reasonable for something you’re going to use a couple of times a month versus $10K.

  • Michelle

    I think the Goliath table is a better idea, at what, half the price?!

  • Jill Joiner

    My Brother In Law is a cabinet maker and I showed him the price. He stated unless it was made of exotic woods it should not cost that much. I asked him how much. He said build and install for him 3500 max. He said if it had bee shipped then the price would indeed go up