Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Make Your Kitchen Flow Like a Faucet

Part of living an edited life is making choices in your home that make sense–putting stuff in its right place near where it can be accessed and is used. Few places is this more true than in the kitchen, and especially true in small kitchens. Justin Klosky from OCD Experience gives practical tips on how you can optimize kitchen logic and organization. 

Kitchen Flow…Yo Yo Yo

Like a good song, there needs to be flow and rhythm, which can also be applied to the way you organize your kitchen. When organizing your kitchen think of it in terms of efficiency first then organization. Dishes should be stored in cabinets near the dish washer while pots and pans should be close to the stove. The more efficient your kitchen is setup the more effective you will be when cooking in it. Like the garage the kitchen can become very overwhelming if you don’t grab hold of it, so we gravitate towards organizational products that you can see through which will make things look and feel cleaner. Items like these Square Pop Canisters are great for organizing and storing cereals, pastas and nosh foods. You should also take the time to label these canisters which will make the first glance your last glance. For smaller items that can get out of control we suggest investing into these tea bags storage containers to eliminate the tea boxes and the possibility of tea bags ending up everywhere. Akro bins are your best bet for canned goods, and almost anything else you want to bring order to as they come in all sizes. It also brings clarity into your kitchen when you can see everything you are looking for.

Kitchen Flow Tip: The most important tip when organizing your kitchen is flow. The more you can flow in your kitchen the more fun you will have in it and the more love you will be able to bring to your food. The most used items should be a few steps or arm’s length away.