Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

A Shop That Sells Stuff Worth Buying

At LifeEdited, we have a funny relationship to stuff. On the one hand, we tend to think there’s too much of it, and that most of it is poorly designed and hardly worth buying or owning for any considerable period of time. On the other hand, we love when stuff is done right; when it’s made to last; when it’s designed to extract as much function with using as little space as possible; when it’s sourced responsibly; when its manufacturer seems to be genuinely motivated by offering a great product–not simply some piece of junk to overload your closet and increase their bottom line. This fickle relationship with stuff is why we’re so excited by a web-store called IPPINKA.


IPPINKA (pronounced ee-pink-eh) has one of the highest concentrations of useful, well-thought-out and designed products of most any store we’ve seen. Much like LifeEdited, the shop has a paradoxical relationship with stuff. The Dieter-Rams-inspired company describe their ethos like this:

IPPINKA wants you to consume less. We want to help you choose products that will serve you for a long time, instead of constantly buying similar products to replace each other.

Based on the stuff they carry, we believe them. We recently picked up a few products for the LifeEdited Apartment including a collapsible latex kettle (above), reusable, biodegradable Abeego food wraps (replaces plastic wrap) and a pour spout that acts as instant strainer for any pot.

Other objects we’ve coveted are the thin Japanese KONTEX towels, some gorgeous Lithuanian linens, a ceiling mounted drying rack and a clever tea mug that allows you to steep whole leaves without a separate strainer. I say “coveted” as IPPINKA stocks limited quantities and if you don’t buy something when you see it, it might be gone the next day. It’s sort of like a daily menu for products.

The site also gives its visitors the opportunity to vote on upcoming products to gauge whether they’re worth carrying or not.

To us, IPPINKA represents an ideal form of consumerism. Rather than urging its customers to spend as much as possible on stuff useful or not, IPPINKA humbly offers up their products saying, more or less, “If you must buy something, it should probably be this.” Check out more at

[Full disclosure: the author received a complimentary set of the Abeego food wraps from IPPINKA…but that was it.]

  • clark

    The site requires you log in just to see the products that they offer, therefore it’s a no go.

    • Hi Clark!

      My name is Jerry, and I am the founder of IPPINKA. I appreciate your concern about having to sign up to use the site fully. This is something we are constantly evaluating.

      The reason we ask visitors to sign up is so that we can stay in touch with them. I know it’s risking annoying you in the beginning so that we can have the opportunity to let you know more about us. However, we make it easy for members to unsubscribe with a link at the bottom of each email we send out. We value your time and work very hard to only share with you relevant, high quality content. Most of our members do stay subscribed as a result.

      We are a young website with an unique that I’ll admit is not the easiest to remember, and therefore, and have so far found sign-ups to be a very effective way to engage with new visitors. As our site ages a bit, and people are able to find us through Google and other natural means, we will be looking to remove the login-in requirement.

      Visitors are able to get a sneak peak of our offering on the homepage. You should also be able to view at least one product description without login in.

      Finally, I welcome feedback like this as it lets us learn and work towards a healthier way of engaging with our audience. We will be thinking about and tweaking our sign-up requirement as our site evolves.


    • renee

      Sorry, Jerry, but I’m with Clark. Being required to sign in when simply interested in viewing products, makes for a no here, too. Wish you well with your current approach and maybe we’ll see your site if/when it eventually opens.

  • none

    Signed up with IPPINKA and within two minutes had a new spam message. Coincidence? I don’t know.

    • Hi there!

      Jerry from IPPINKA here. I just wanted to confirm – are you referring to a spam message coming from someone else other than IPPINKA? I can assure you that we do not share your email address with anyone, as we take member privacy very seriously. If you are referring to a message from us, I am sorry to hear you didn’t like the email we sent you 🙁

      Please note there is an unsubscribe link near the bottom of the email so you can remove yourself from the newsletter securely.

      Our newsletters are timed to go out at specific times of the week to everyone, so it would have been a coincidence – although I understand it certainly could feel like spam receiving an email so shortly after you signed up. We’ll add a time lag for new members so they don’t receive an email until we have new, relevant content to share.

      I appreciate the feedback.


      • catherine

        sorry to say so, too: no, i won’t display my email address just to go window shopping.

  • Kaff

    Hi Jerry, was excited to look at more products at IPPINKA but the registration was a deterrent. I also wasn’t able to find the CLOSE button on the login window so I just left the site entirely. I hope that the login feature will be removed one day as I’d love to see what’s behind the shop window.

  • Doyle

    Forcing a shopper into your email list sales funnel just to see products will definitely keep me from registering

  • Steven

    Jerry when will the window solar charger be available, will it come with a usb slot, instead of a 220 v plug?