Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Could These Be A Pair of Sunglasses for Life?

Sunglasses seem to some people (like this author) like a real scam. You have to plop down at least $150 for a decent  looking/quality pair. For that considerable amount of money, you get a couple ounces of molded plastic, some screws and 2 polycarbonate or glass lenses (I’m sure I’m missing some rare-earth additive that accounts for their expense). You wear them for a couple years at best until you sit on them or mangle them some other way, at which point you buy a new pair.

While they’re still well north of $100, Maui Jim sunglasses offer something for your money. For $10, you can send them in to be fixed. Perhaps because the company is located in Illinois (not Maui) and the glasses are US-made, they reportedly offer generous and quick turnarounds with those repairs. Note that this does not include scratched lenses, though the website indicates they will repair those for an additional cost.

I looked at the websites of a couple other high-end sunglass manufacturers for their repair policy. Unlike Maui Jim, who has a link to their repair policy on their main navigation bar, the other companies had theirs several clicks deep on their sites. Though I can’t say this for sure, this burying of information probably shows that replacement is a higher priority than repair for these guys.

One question that we think about a lot at LifeEdited is “if I were to choose one ______ [pair of sunglasses, computer, pair of socks], which one would I choose?” Companies like Maui Jim, who make repair and servicing easy, make that choice a lot easier.

Do you know of high quality products that offer easy and quick repairs? If so, please let us know.

Via Reactual and Maui Jim

  • kbl

    I can actually attest to their wonderful customer service.  I once sent a pair of broken Maui Jim sunglasses to be repaired.  They no longer carried the sunglasses & couldn’t repair them, so they allowed me to choose ANY OTHER PAIR from their catalog, regardless of the fact that my pair had been at the cheaper end of the MJ spectrum.  I love Maui Jim as a result of their fantastic customer service.

  • Vroni

    Yes, Maui Jim have stood by me for the past six years.  I’ve had my pair of glasses replaced for free with their lifetime guarantee – they are actually in right now getting fixed for the third time (plastic frames keep snapping off).  Just got a phone call to say that they’ve identified this major flaw in their creation and are now replacing the frame with a titanium one at no charge.  It can’t get any better than that!

  • Yep. Maui Jim. I bought a pair of titanium framed Ka’anapali about 12-15 years ago. About 2 years ago, the ear piece actually broke with normal use. I don’t blame the designers. Over a decade of  springy hold-em-on-your head action was amazing. So….I went back to where I bought them. No problem, they said.

    They sent them in to Maui Jim, and they said they’ve modified the frames since I bought mine with improved permanent screws and they didn’t want to repair my old model, so they sent me a brand new pair for $48.

    No more scratched lenses. Love these glasses. They definitely set a high bar for performance.

    Maui Jim are the only sunglasses I’ve been able to wear ALL DAY without noticing I’m wearing sunglasses. These people make a world class glass.

  • Kevin F

    I cracked a lense on my fairly new Maui Jim’s and thought it was a total loss. I went to their website and saw that they’ll charge me $50 to replace them and figured that’s better than buying new shades. So I shipped them off last Monday (paid $4 for shipping) and expected to see my shades again in a few weeks.
    This past Monday, I got them back in the mail, fixed good as new. But here’s the best part, not only did they include a note apologizing for the delay (it was only 1 week – that’s a delay???), but they didn’t charge me to replace the lenses. Now that is great customer service and a phenomenal way to build customer loyalty. Maui Jim customer for life!

  • Skier

    I’ve had great luck with Native sunglasses for the past 12+ years I’ve worn them; their life warranty policy has worked well for me. And their glasses fit a woman’s face well if you’re into serious sports where glasses need to stay in place.

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