Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Amina Speakers: The Best Product You’ll Never See

In the coming months, we will be highlighting products and services we use in the LifeEdited apartment. Today, we’re “looking” at the Amina Invisible Speakers. 

With the living room of the 420 sq ft LifeEdited Apartment doubling as entertainment area, there was a need for quality loudspeakers. The perfect solution was found in a loudspeaker that becomes part of the finished ceiling, actually completely invisible and covered with regular drywall compound and paint. Impossible you say. No, it’s not!

The latest audio trend is to hide loudspeakers rather than treating them as a “must see” piece of furniture, especially with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Current invisible speaker solutions created by Amina Technologies, a leading speaker developer and manufacturer from the UK, actually affords not only very good sound reproduction, but even better, smoother coverage throughout the whole space. The sound source is hard to locate, almost ethereal, and completely undetectable by the eye. Even while listening intensely, without any visual cue as to where the speaker is installed, it is very hard to locate them, almost impossible. The speaker makes a great conversation piece to boot.


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In the main living space, a stereo pair of Amina Technologies’ AIW5X plaster-over loudspeakers were used. They work on the same principle as a musical instrument, combining modern electronics with acoustical engineering. Using a tuned “sound board” and an exciter, and connected to a Marantz NR1602 receiver (or any receiver/amplifier), they create sound in a most unusual way. Through having many minuscule vibrations sum, much like on a soundboard of a guitar or violin, and fill the room in all directions with full sound. For purposes of keeping bass frequencies out of the walls and ceilings, a small, hidden subwoofer provides the deep bass, as to not bother the neighbors.

For the bathroom we still wanted to maintain the stereo quality of sound while having little space, so an AIW2X speaker was used to provide an acoustically summed stereo sound. These panels reproduce both the left and right speaker channel mechanically using dual “exciters”, and although there is no “stereo spread”, there certainly is sense of openness and timbre that feels like there is definitely a stereo pair somewhere.

All in all, Amina afforded the solution that satisfied both the need for quality sound, as well as the aesthetics that we were looking for. They kept the amount of visual clutter on the finished ceiling down to just the moving wall tracks and light fixtures, and actually have enough sound power to make it sound like you have a band in the room.

Costs for Amina Invisible speakers range anywhere from $750 to about $2500 dollars for the loudest solutions (plus of course the level of wall or ceiling finish you require will be extra, but when taking the build or remodelling in consideration, the finishing is part of the big picture already). They are great for anything from the dining room to that “hidden Home Theatre”, or even to put the tunes on our micro dance floor. They are available worldwide through authorized dealers and distributors. Visit