Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Wood, You Live Well in this Tiny Space (?)

Maybe it’s the sketchy economic climate preventing people from getting fancy lacquered surfaces. Or maybe there’s a wood stain shortage. Or perhaps Lumber Liquidators has been further liquidating. Whatever the reason, cladding apartments with large amounts of naked plywood is a big trend at the moment. This trend has extended to this cool 301 sq ft flat by Milan’s Studio WOK.


WOK shifted the apartment’s original floorplan, which had a kitchenette in the main room, to have a detached kitchen. This reconfiguration created large walls to build cabinet volumes upon. One wall is dominated by a hiding bed whose faceplate is covered in plywood, of course. That wall also has a host of cabinets to keep things nice and tidy.

The opposing wall has a wardrobe and other storage. At its base is a bed on casters. The wall has a recess that swallows half the bed, creating a sofa surface (I’m assuming the casters lock). Cabinetry on both walls follows the slope of the slanted ceiling, making use of over square foot of possible storage space.

Other than a small turquoise kitchen and bathroom, there’s not too much to the apartment. If I’m not mistaken, most, if not all, of the furnishings and non-plywood cabinetry are from IKEA. There is no published budget, but I’m assuming the renovation didn’t cost a ton of money.

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All images © studioWOK

  • bobo

    A bed on wheels? I hope the resident plans on celibacy.

  • Naked plywood is popular because it’s cheap and quick to put up. But hands transmit grease and dirt to every surface they touch. Those will look terrible in just a few years.

  • I like the design of the space, however, I am not a fan of naked plywood. I know it’s big is some markets, but for me personally, it’s not appealing. I like red birch myself and designed my custom designed and built cabinets with it. It’s warm and inviting.