Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Own the LifeEdited Apartment

You read it right: we are selling the LifeEdited prototype apartment (internally dubbed LE1). The 420 sq ft wonder was the winner of the AIA NY Honor Award as well as the Architizer A+ Award for Small Living. It has been featured in the NY Times (twice), CNN, ABC World and local news, the Today Show, the New Yorker, NPR, Wired UK, Dwell, Gizmodo, Daily Mail UK and many, many others. It is probably the only apartment with its own TED talk. It can be yours for $995K.

We understand this is a lot of money, so before you say anything, let us explain why it cost so much:

  • Think of the apartment as a concept car. We were principally interested in gathering information. Our aim was and is to take that information and apply it to replicable models for future cost-effective real estate projects. Few concessions were made in terms of its construction. We wanted to push the limits of what was possible in the small footprint at our disposal. Its construction was the product of an army of (costly) designers, architects, builders and various other folks. Getting everything to work involved many (costly) hiccups and innumerable re-toolings. Every material and product you see were the best we could find. There are even unseen features like an air barrier and heat recovery ventilator that give the space near Passive House levels of insulation. The apartment’s small size belies its expense.
  • This is not just any apartment. It’s a 420 sq ft apartment with the functionality of an apartment twice its size. It’s a studio that has a home office, can comfortably accommodate two overnight guests (with privacy), has a projection screen home theater, has 426 cubic feet of storage and can seat 12 for dinner. How many studio apartments do you know that can achieve such feats?
  • Soho is not just any neighborhood. Consider that the average per square foot price of a home in Soho is $1600–and this not for a fully furnished home like the LifeEdited Apartment. 840 x $1600 is $1.34M. These numbers might sound absurd to non-New Yorkers, but there they are. Frankly, there aren’t any real comparables. The closest we found was a studio in a nearby Trump building. It cost the same amount, had a $2400 monthly maintenance, no kitchen and could not be occupied more than 120 days/year.

We at LifeEdited are truly going to miss our little apartment. Lots of sweat and toil and care were put into its conception and construction (the sweat smell has been since removed). But our loss is offset by our excitement for future projects, which LE1 will help propel forward. It is our hope that soon we can create cost-effective compact, efficient housing for everyone. LE1 was the first step.

If you are interested in purchasing LE1, visit Corcoran’s website for full details.

BTW, Graham’s next apartment, LE2, will be 350 sq ft. We’ll keep you posted on his move.

  • PaoloFM

    Curious about Graham’s next pad then. Also, I’ve always wondered about the other flat in the building – saw one video of it before any renovation work took place (if any).

    • David Friedlander

      hi paolo, construction on the second apartment is about to begin. suspect it’ll be ready late summer.

  • Grace

    I’m still waiting for the LE3 which really should be the family version with 3 bedrooms.

    • David Friedlander

      hold tight grace. we’re working on some stuff.

  • Chris

    Would love the place but don’t have $995K 🙁

  • Gm.

    I think congratulations are in order. What a wonderful next step to getting out to the masses the gospel of small. The prices are crazy in NY, but I’m Oregon-biased. Good luck!

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  • Amos

    so the problem and the

  • Amos

    So the problem that I am trying to understand in your message is that you can only live this lifestyle if you are wealthy. If you’re on a tight budget but would truly benefit by living within your means and living small, you’re screwed. I don’t get it. Why would a wealthy person want to live in a small place when they can afford any living space they could want. Its a conundrum. Sorry but i don’t get it. I am a professional designer and love the concept and the message but the financial side of it is a bit ass backwards.

    • Christopher Tilley

      I think that the message is that if you want to live small without any compromises, then it costs a lot of money.
      There are people who live small on a tight budget, look at the Tiny House Movement where some people live very small very cheaply.
      I live small on a fairly tight budget and would love to have the sofa / bed in the LE apartment but can’t afford it, so I make compromises.

    • Jo

      I agree with you. I was really excited about this concept as a young person looking into buying my first home. I was like “I can live in a small space if it is efficient like that” I was excited about the concept of saving $100,000 on a house. Sadly that dream got completely squashed by the $995K price tag. So many good ideas that could change the world, sadly corporate greed gets in the way again.

  • Ms. Purple!! from California

    I have always been seriously interested in buying a place like this in NYC. However, even w/the explanation for the pricing i.e. it’s a concept w/custom expensive development, $995K is still way overpriced in my humble opinion. Thirty seven 350 sq ft units with 2 bedrooms & 1 bath in this building sold for $269K at the end of 2011. I don’t believe replicating some of the design elements from this unit in another one in the building would necessarily cost over $700K. I will continue to monitor this listing & hope that it can come down to a more reasonable price. If so I would *love* to buy it!

  • Alexander López

    I think it’s a good deal. This apartment is making architectural history, and I think in the following decades it would be considered a milestone for contemporary living just as Buckminster Fuller and Frank Lloyd Wright houses were.

    The Life Edited apartment not only was made to unique standards for design, flexibility, and energy management, it did that in a concerned effort to be noticed and inspire others. Since its origins as a worldwide architectural competition via the Internet to its completion, lots of people has learned the concept of Life Editing, and it’s something that reconciles baby-boomers with their millenial grandkids.

    I can’t wait to see what is coming next for Life Edited!

  • Amy

    Does anymore know where that expandable table can be purchased?

  • Raphaelle

    This is way over priced! I thought you guys were into open source design, the people and the planet. This shows me that you are much more into selling your concept to people, at a ridiculously high cost. The fact that you felt the need to explain the reason why it cost as much makes me think that you too acknowledge the stupidity of the situation. I think I’ll stick to faircompanies… Sorry guises.

  • Denise

    What percent of the NY population could afford this unit? (Much less the rest of America) I personally like this for a couple, it does not seem fitting for a young family. I think for full disclosure you should post the pricing of the components for the unit. It would be nice to know how this would price out in Austin or Portland. Alas it appears that your designs are only for the rich. LifeEdited needs to look for options for more of our nations population. Expand your reach and be more inclusive. You can do it.

    • David Friedlander

      hi denise,
      thanks for taking time to comment. as i mentioned above, this apartment is really an anomaly. it’s like buying a concept car from an auto manufacturer–a ton of money goes into r & d and trial and error went into building it. this research is going into our larger projects, which we want to make as cost-effective as possible. i assure you, we’re not in the business of making $1M micro apartments.

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