Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Have You Made a Life Edit? Let Us Know

Have you cut down the size of your home downsize or number of possessions? Do you have innovative architectural, design and product for optimizing your life? Have you experience making sharing an integral part of your life? Have you found ways of doing more with less? If so, we want to hear from you.

Nothing is better that hearing the experience of people walking the walk.

We’re looking for all demographics from young folks to seniors. We’d love to hear from families too.

Please email Ross Porter ( to get the process started! We’d love to share your story.

  • Marrena

    I think many of us reading this website have already done quite a bit with editing our lives; that’s the pull. Making do with less allows more freedom, and not just financial freedom. I’ve just done the standard things–culled my possessions to keep only the things I need and/or that are important to me. Because I’m a middle-aged woman and a sucker for things like that, I’ve also thrown in plenty of feng shui principles. And it’s all tied up with being green too, and eating foods that are less processed, like line-drying my laundry and joining a produce co-op. But I haven’t done anything particularly interesting. Have you checked out the Zero Waste Home (zerowastehome at blogspot)? Now she’s really simplified her life, taking it to an almost crazy degree. She’s writing a book too.

  • Chris sikkel

    Yes, my famely is in the planning stages of moving from a house to an apart and my dad is a bit of a hoarder so I have bin going throw all of our closets selling, donating , resicaling or throwing away as much as possible.

  • I’ve downsized from a 600 sq ft apartment to a Freightliner truck. Home is where I park for the night.

  • I’ve ditched my car in 1997 & moved into an urban condo in 1999. My current (but very tedious) project is scanning old photos & ditching the albums.

  • Boyinks4Adventure

    We’re a family of 4: Dad, mom, & two teens. After a one-year RV-based road trip we came back, sold our house, gave away most of our possessions and are now back in the RV full time. We miss little of what we left behind.

  • Jim Cornwall

    I iived in two different studio apartments in a city for a couple of years. I’m now in the suburbs and living in much larger apartment. I would love to move back to the city and live in a smaller place, but a studio in the city is more than I pay for a large and much nicer apartment in the suburbs. I can’t afford to live in the city any longer. Wish I could.

  • Jon King

    After decades of abstinence from the concept, my family and I went backpacking over the summer break. It was so liberating to know that everything we needed to sustain was contained in one small pack. Realizing that is was for a very short time but never the less that feeling left an imprint, and left us wondering what really need in our lives to make it rewarding.

  • Kathy @ SMART Living

    I am continually reminded of the benefits of “rightsizing” (not downsizing) and living debt free and sustainable. Here’s a recent post that has been on my mind

  • great post thanks