Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Outdoor Living

Work, dine, relax, entertain, listen to music, or just sip on a hot cup of local coffee. These are all things you can and should do on the lanai (porch). It’s Maui – outdoor living is part of the culture. But that’s a long list – how do you enable all of those things on one lanai? With smart design, good products, and transforming furnishings, that’s how!

Resource Furniture – Transforming Furnishings

We’ve worked with Resource Furniture for nearly a decade now because they always have the highest quality space saving transforming furniture. We share the philosophy that every square foot should be awesome. The Passo table lets you drink your coffee from a coffee table in the morning, rises up to let you do some work in the afternoon, and expands to serve dinner to all of your friends. You set the height anywhere between 9 and 32 inches. You set the length between 50 and 93 inches. The Flex Outdoor sofas are a great place to relax with a book, can be easily be adjusted for dining, and can be easily rearranged for a movie night. Their secret seems to be the combination of their generous depth and the easily movable yet solid backrest pillows (weighted with neoprene bases so they stay put).


Andersen – Multiglide Sliding Glass Door

Indoor outdoor living is part of Maui culture. But how do you really blend indoor and outdoor living? With the Andersen MultiGlide! It beautifully blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. When it’s open, you hardly notice it’s there. And it’s quite attractive when it’s closed. It not only creates a huge opening, its threshold detail allows the flooring to flow on one plane from inside to out…nothing to trip on or to ruin the beautiful transition. It’s a perfect fit for Maui.


Ann Sacks – Stampino and Savoy Tile

Beautiful, green, nearly indestructible, and seriously waterproof. An excellent combination. And a perfect choice for the lanai. The Savoy Collection has a wonderfully wide set of styles to choose from, including a nice assortment of artisan glazes. Made from 21% recycled content, including, “ceramic waste material from discarded clay and smashed tableware.” We love the colors, the textures, the durability and the ease of maintenance. We used Savoy penny round tiles in lotus for the bathroom floors, Savoy herringbone in lantern for the floors and walls of the outdoor bathing room and Stampino herringbone in black for the lanai and kitchen. It all looks, feels and works extremely well.


The Modern Fan Company – IC/Air3 Ceiling Fans

It’s a modern house, so we need modern ceiling fans. LifeEdited Maui has no heating or cooling system, so ceiling fans are essential and all we really need. On the lanai, it’s quite refreshing to make your own breeze with the IC/Air3 Ceiling Fans. You can feel the breeze, but you can’t hear the fans, which is great. The Modern Fan Company has a wide selection of fans, so we were able to get just what we wanted. Which is great as there are surprisingly few manufacturers that make good modern-style fans. You’ll see other fans Modern Fan inside the house. And they work with our home automation system, so we can say, “Hey Google, turn on the lanai fans”.


Richlite – Lanai Railing Tops

We’re green. Richlite is 65% recycled paper and yet highly durable. And beautiful. And uniformly colored throughout, so we can cut or sand as needed. Need we say more? We fell in love with it and ended up using it all over the house – lanai railings, kitchen counter, table tops, shelving. It looks terrific and will last forever. We understand that you can also use it for furniture, millwork, musical instruments, aerospace applications, and even skateparks(!). It was a great discovery and we plan to use it in many future projects.


Vanatoo – Transparent Zero Speakers

The Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers are one of those rare pieces of smart technology that bring joy without any frustration. Joy from the music. It’s the kind of sound where you can *really* listen – on a comfortable couch, eyes closed, not thinking about anything else. Smart too. On the lanai, there’s an Apple TV (movies) and a Google Chromecast (music) connected to the speakers. The speakers always automatically choose the correct input.


Rich Brilliant Willing – Seed, Crisp, and Monocle Lighting

Remember when energy efficient lighting was ugly – compact fluorescents and LED bulbs with big cooling fins? Well, you can forget that now. Witness the gorgeous and energy-efficient Mori Seed lighting on the lanai. Simple, organic, woven. Each Mori Seed emits a warm lantern-like light. And unlike many LEDs, they work nicely with our dimmers. Rich Brilliant Willing makes other wonderful lighting products – you’ll see that we used the Mori Crisp Copper and the Monocle elsewhere in the house.


Meural Lenora – Wi-Fi-enabled Digital Canvas

The Meural Lenora Black is an art lover’s dream. It’s a smart digital art frame that displays artwork of your choosing. A casual observer will be fooled, in a good way, by this art frame as the rendered images are lifelike and textured. You can display your own photographs and artwork. You can display artwork from the Meural Sampler, featuring classics that you’ll recognize such as Gauguin’s Still Life With Oranges.  And with a subscription you can display many works of the masters. You’ll also see a Meural Winslow elsewhere in the house.


Oliver Yaphe – Pillows

Beautiful. Sustainable. We tried to say it better than Olive Yaphe, but we can’t, so here’s a quote: “A line of rugs and pillows made from new and unused fabric waste. Each piece is totally unique – since the look and feel depends on the amazing scraps that we can gather at any given time”. You’ll see other Oliver Yaphe items in the house.


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