Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.


Lighting. So important yet so often it seems like it was hardly considered…overly bright lights with cold, un-friendly blue light…too many lights…no dimming capabilities etc.

We wanted LifeEdited:Maui to have lighting that allowed us to do all the things we want to do in a house while also looking great. AND using minimal energy.

So we looked to a few companies to help us accomplish this: Plumen, Insteon and Rich, Brilliant and Willing (RBW). And boy did they deliver…

Rich Brilliant Willing – Seed, Crisp, and Monocle Dimmable LED Lighting

Remember when energy efficient lighting was ugly – compact fluorescents and LED bulbs with big cooling fins? Well, you can forget that now. Witness the gorgeous and energy-efficient Mori Seed lighting on the lanai and in the master bedroom. Simple, organic and woven, each Mori Seed emits a warm lantern-like light. We used the Mori Crisp Copper as our prime outdoor light. Its calming yellowish/orangeish glow on the facade is the perfect compliment to the blueish grey board and batten siding. Finally, the brilliantly named Monocle is a lovely piece of modern design that fit perfectly on the walls of our bedrooms, kitchen nook and even hallway ceiling. One of its wonderful attributes is that it rotates and hinges in order to place light exactly where you want it. RBW…beautiful, functional and low energy to top it off.

Plumen – 003 Dimmable LED Pendant Set

Almost a decade after their original bulb was made part of Moma’s collection, Plumen moved from strength to strength with its 003 bulb. Designed by a jeweler, the bulb looks fantastic before even adding a shade or lamp. It combines a directional spot (down) with an omni-directional glow (to the sides) such that the area below is highlighted but the stuff to the side is also bathed in a warm, yellow candlelight kind of light. It lasts 10,000 hours and is highly dimmable. Looks and substance. We put them all over the house and can’t wait to see what Plumen comes up with next!

Insteon – Dimmers & Smart Outlets

Look Modern, Work Modern. Insteon 2477dh Remote Control Dimmer2663-222 Remote Control Outlets, and 2245-222 Hub are more than just their pretty looks…they form the basis for a smart home. We’re able to adjust the default lighting level they come on at and command them via voice with our Google Home automation system. We can even remotely control every single light and switch in the house!! Insteon is perfect for the smart home…it works with all of the major home automation systems  e.g. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Microsoft Cortana, Logitech Harmony and syncs seamlessly with a modern aesthetic.

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