Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Is This the Perfect Travel Bag?

It’s pretty rare that I get all lusty about a piece of stuff. It is, after all, just stuff. But I find myself pretty enamored with the GOBAG, a new Kickstarter-funded product which is one of the coolest pieces of luggage I’ve ever seen.


The GOBAG, at least to my mind, kinda has it all:

  • The bag’s dimensions are designed to fit into a plane’s overhead bin.
  • The exterior is made of out of two pieces of super tough TPU coated ballistic nylon that are zippered together. The minimal construction means few seams to bust, and the fabric is both tough and water resistant, perfect for unforeseen deluges at a bus stop in Thailand or something.
  • There is a handle as well as two removable backpack straps for easy porting.
  • The bag’s wraparound seam that allows you to access every part of the bag.
  • The sides of the bag have compression straps, so you can cinch the bag as flat as possible.
  • Included is a separate “Max Pack Bag”, a welded TPU coated nylon bag with an integrated vacuum check valve to compress all your soft goods. Just throw your gear into the bag, seal it and compress it. You can compress the bag by either using a vacuum cleaner or compressing it by hand.
  • There’s an easy-access detachable clear bag for your sub three ounce toiletries that velcros to the underside of one of the outside flaps.
  • An easy access padded laptop harness that fits 11-15” laptops will keep you trucking through airport security.
  • Its black exterior is not only badass looking, but it hides the inevitable years of grime that accumulate on luggage.


One thing it doesn’t have is wheels, which for some will be a dealbreaker. For others, like me who prefer to carry their stuff, it will suit just fine. The other thing it lacks is a way of carrying hanging garments, making it a little less than ideal for folks who frequently travel with suits and dresses that don’t do well in tight quarters.

Currently, the GOBAG has raised $298,574 of their $70,392 Kickstarter campaign goal. In other words, it’s hugely popular. All of the early bird specials are spoken for, but you can still pick up a bag for $206. Delivery is expected for October. Go to their campaign page for more info and to get one for yourself.