Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

A Scooter for Big Kids (aka Adults)

My three year old son loves his scooter as it allows him to test his daring in relative safety. I love it too. He’s able to keep pace with me as I walk down the street, and because it’s relatively small, it’s no big deal to stash it when we go in a store or something. But when I see adults using scooters, I must admit I’m prone to unfair judgment. Don’t they know scooters are for kids? But why do I think that? They allow adults to fly down the street far faster than walking, and they’re no more dangerous than bikes. Most fold up smaller than the smallest folding bike, so they’re great for stashing under a desk or something. And unlike bikes, they make no wardrobe demands–you could easily wear a suit without fear of chafing on a saddle or ripping on a chain. The new Swifty Scooter is a nice example of a high quality, compacting scooter fit for adult consumption.


Unlike the popular Razer scooters, Swifty has large 16” wheels with proper tubed tires, giving it both stability at speed and shock absorption for safety and comfort. It has a solid aluminum frame and weighs a manageable 18 lbs for easy toting. The wheels, handlebars, stem and hand brake are solid, mid-grade bike parts, making it both durable and serviceable (there’s a rear foot brake). The scooter is easily adjustable for different height riders and opens and closes in seconds.

Swifty Scooter is currently doing a Kickstarter campaign and a $695 pledge will get you an early bird special, which is around the price of a comparable quality bike, but this is not necessarily the best way of thinking about it. Rather, is an alternative form of transit, ideal for people who want to cover relatively short distances quickly with minimal equipment. And yes, those people can be adults.