Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

5 Essential Items for Simple Living

Determining what’s important to you is the most critical step for living an edited life. When our homes, possessions and activities are aligned with our priorities–the things that truly bring value to our day-to-day lives–we often find ourselves getting rid of a lot of the stuff we thought we couldn’t live without. But let’s face it, at a certain point we can only reduce so much. There are some things we cannot–and frankly should not–live without. Here is a short list of some of those things:

1. Winbot Window Washing Robot


The essence of living an edited life is clarity–having the ability to see what matters. But how can you have clarity when your windows are dirty? And how can you do the things that are truly important if you’re spending all of your time washing dirty windows? The fact is, you can’t. It’s impossible. The Winbot removes the time sink that is washing windows, allowing you to live your life with clarity and free of unnecessary distractions.

2. Star Wars Darth Maul Fx Lightsaber Case Of 4


For many of us, Star Wars is an epic that transcends mere entertainment. It’s a parable for life: tapping into the unseen forces, the polarity of good and evil, the ability to trust and step into your power. And few items encapsulate the triumph of light defeating dark like the lightsaber. Whether it’s Obi Wan versus Darth Vader or that one guy versus the other guy in one of the prequels (full disclosure: this author wasn’t able to sit through any of them), the lightsaber represents the achievement of mastery and overcoming of adversity in the face of insurmountable odds. The Star Wars Darth Maul Fx Lightsaber Case Of 4 allows you to recreate the epic duels in your own home. At $530, you enjoy a bulk discount and have a backup should one fail.

3. Baby Wipe Warmer


For the minimalist parent, few things are as troubling as the idea of exposing your baby to a cold clean up wipe. Studies have shown that cold wipes are the third leading cause of IDS (infant discomfort syndrome). The Baby Wipe Warmer cures some of the symptoms of IDS and provides more accessories to your baby’s life, which every parent knows is something you can’t have enough of.

4. iMac Slipper


If you use an iMac or you’ve thought about getting one or you know someone who has one or had one, you know how the rubber bottomed aluminum base can seem naked. It’s simply too clean and modern. The iMac slipper has a solution: put a felt and leather thing on it. Unlike the impenetrable aluminum base, the slipper is leather. The slipper’s manufacturer Hardgraft explains the benefits of this construction:

Dirt can penetrate the leather, you can clean it gently with a slightly damp sponge. If the leather gets wet, let it dry at room temperature. To protect it from excess water, apply an impregnator or a natural leather balm or wax. Vegetable tanned leather changes over time becoming darker and warmer in tone, especially when exposed to the elements. SPECIALIST CLEAN ONLY

5. Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank


The Rover 1.0 was such a disappointment. Its spotty reliability and lack of iOS compatibility made it virtually useless for any real spy work. The Rover 2.0 takes care of those issues with iOS and Android compatibility. Whether you’re spying on a neighbor or a former romantic partner, you can depend on the Rover to anonymously collect incriminating video coverage (saving thousands on Private Investigator fees). Part of living the edited life is to fully acknowledge that life is too short for bad wireless spy rovers.

Have we missed anything? Feel free to put your suggestions for indispensable items in our comments section.