Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.


Every item in the LifeEdited apartment was chosen for its ability to fuse quality, sustainability, utility and timeless design using minimal space. Here is a guide through most of the products featured in the space.

Resource Furniture provides the backbone of the space. The Swing sofa/bed and Lollipop bunk-beds allow the apartment to sleep up to 4 while stowing away or providing daytime functionality when not in use. RFʼs Goliath dining table expands from 17” to 114”—enabling intimate seating for parties of 2-10. Ten Voxia Eco molded beech chairs provide dining seating and stack compactly in the southwest wall closet.

The apartmentʼs transforming design would not be possible without the moving wall by Modern Office Systems. The company built the heavy-duty steel track and base (cabinetry was custom made), which are normally used for library and office applications, but here permit the space to be configured several different ways.

All of the custom cabinetry was constructed of non-formaldehyde plywood and fabricated by Ramawoodshop and American Custom Made Cabinetry, both in Brooklyn, NY. All the finishes and paints are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Green Depot provided building materials such as lumber, insulation and paint, all of which is sustainably-sourced and has low/no VOCʼs. For sustainability and durability, we chose solid wood FSC maple flooring by Custom Floor Design, Inc.

The beautiful Eco by Consentino “polar-cap” quartz-stone used on countertops and sills is comprised of 75% recycled content. Similarly, the Elementile mosaic tile in the bathroom is made of 97% recycled glass.

The EPA reports that indoor air is usually 2-5 more polluted than outdoor air, so great indoor air quality a top priority. The Zehnder ComfoAir 200 heat recovery ventilator (HRV) above the WC moves up to 125 ft3 /min of air, providing constant air circulation from the outside; it also provides air filtration and has a thermal exchanger that helps maintains a steady temperature from incoming and outgoing air. The IQ HealthPro Compact HEPA air filter inside the moving wall acts as another line of defense, capturing at least 99.97% of all air particles greater than .3 microns (10-6M). A compact Frigidaire A/C and a Cirrus ceiling fan by Modern Fan Company keep the space cool and breezy with minimal power consumption.

Our Lightolier LED recessed lighting lasts up to eight times longer than fluorescents, uses less power and contains no toxic substances. Lutron switches control the system. There is solar powered charging station in the southeast corner of the apartment made by specially by Voltaic Systems. It is used to charge a reading light, detachable chandelier and small electronics.

There are two sets of shades on our windows, both by Mechoshade Home Systems: a solar shade that allows sun to come in while maintaining visual privacy, and a full blackout shade for total darkness.

The windows are Serious Windows fiberglass 725 Series, which have an industry-leading .19 U-factor. The northeast window is a tilt/ turn model by Thermoroll, which acts as a door for easy access to the fire escape “balcony”.

All plumbing fixtures are by Fluid, which use eco-brass and low-flow (1.5 gpm) technology. The toilet is a Caroma Invisi Series II Cube, whose dual flush uses a meager 1.28 or .8 gpf. The Caroma Liano sink minimizes the amount of water needed to fill by using a unique sloping bowl.

Audio and video are routed through an Airplay-enable Marantz NR1602 receiver as well as an Apple TV box and wirelessly to an Apple Mac Mini in the moving wall; this setup gives access to a variety of streaming and stored media. Sound comes through Amina Invisible Speakers in the bathroom and living room ceilings; they are built into the drywall and can handle up to 80W of continuous power and generate a 105dB of sound even after plaster is applied. The Casio XJ-M255 Projector with LED/Laser hybrid lamp has 20K hr lifespan versus 3-4K for conventional LED projectors. The unit also features an eco mode to cut power use.

The kitchen is filled with high quality, compact, and Energy Star rated appliances like the Sub-Zero 700BC(I) drawer fridge w/automatic ice maker, which uses 360kWh/year vs 2150kWh/year for an average- sized fridge. The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer dishwasher fits compactly and uses only 2 gallons per wash vs 6 gallons for an average dishwasher or as much as 27 gallons for handwashing. The Wolf combination microwave/convection 1.5 ft3 has of interior space— big enough for a Thanksgiving turkey. A NatureMill automatic composter turns organic waste into 1.5 gallons of compost every 2 weeks. We use 3 Fagor Portable Induction Cooktops that can be placed anywhere and run off standard 110V outlets. The burners transfer 84% of their heat vs 74% for a smooth-top radiant electrical unit.

We use the Arzberg Tric Flat Soup Plate as an all-purpose plate. They are 8.3” diameter with 1” lip, which is just big enough for main course or deep enough for soup/salad. Crate and Barrel Bruno stacking glasses are durable, multipurpose and compact.

Our kitchen has several Joseph/Joseph space-saving products such as the Nest 9 Plus that compactly stacks measuring cups, strainer and bowls. There is also the Nesting Cooking Utensils and Y Salt/ Pepper Grinder, also by Joseph/Joseph.

Our bedding is by Loop Organic, which is both very soft and certified to the most stringent standards for organic textiles.

The wardrobe is selected for its style, quality craftsmanship and ability to have one garment serve several purposes. Icebreaker merino wool performance clothing looks and breathes great, while resisting odors. Nau Sustainable Clothing blends technical utility, style suitable for dressing up and down, and sustainable production in all its garments. Minimalist urban design by Rogan NYC rounds out the wardrobe.

Transportation is handled by the ThinBike by Schindelhauer, which Graham Hill helped conceive; the bikeʼs width goes from 21” to 6”, allowing it to stow in the northeast corner closet.

Robotic floor care is handled by the Roomba and Scooba vacuum and sweeper by iRobot, both of which are docked in the baseboard of the kitchen.

Crowd-source design site provided a multi-tool, collapsible hangers, and portion Measure and Mix spoon.

A special thanks goes out to Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu, Guerin Glass Architecture, Cisco, Autodesk, Jovoto, Mutopo, Crowdbrite, Architizer, NRDC and many others, without whom the project would not have been possible.



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