Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Turn Your Power-Drill Into Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool

This video from LifeHacker shows what one power-drill and a bit of imagination can do, turning your drill into a blender, beater, scrubber, pepper grinder and Parmesan shredder–all with very minimal modifications. We imagine there are other culinary uses for a power-drill like a handheld blender, food processor or frother.

What this exercise shows is that items we thought were only good for a few purposes–e.g. boring holes, tightening/loosening bolts–can do many.

Granted, using a power-drill this way necessitates keeping it a bit cleaner than you might otherwise (a plastic bag over the drill would probably suffice), but keeping your tools clean is not a bad idea anyway, and getting rid of several single-purpose kitchen tools saves space and money.

Do you have any similar hacks–or MacGyver tips as LifeHacker refers to them? Let us know what they are via email (howdy at lifeedited dot com) or in our comment section.

  • Tracy @ NewEnglandRoyalty

    Well that is def creative. A little over the top but I like it.

  • Mrs. Sweet

    Amusing and inventive; producing more pepper and cheese than one would use… From an old housewife, let me offer this suggestion: Purchase a good Cuisinart processor. I have been using them for over 30 years and got rid of my mixer and other things. I can whip cream or egg whites, yielding a very stable product but with much less loft, due to the pitch of the blade. I can chop meat, shred vegetables or slice them, grate Parmesan cheese, make bread crumbs, aioli/mayonnaise, pie crust, cakes, pies, salad dressings, pie fillings. You name it: it’s my go-to appliance. I do have a small pepper mill which works very well, and a mortar and pestle for spice applications. But I can definitely see how your average man, faced with clean-up duty, would go for that rotating sponge thingy…

    • I do agree with you, Mrs. Sweet. My aunt has a late-’60s Electrolux “kitchen assistant” that does it all, and it’s still working as a champ. And that’s something Life Edited stands fot: to ditch the redundant things and to keep multi-functional, built to last goods instead.

  • Evan van den Berg

    What would be cool is if you made a bunch if kitchen “appliances” all powered by one thing, wether it be a drill or some in counter motor or something. With quick attach bits and a bunch of appliances that provide allot of the traditional working but with you applying the power source, like a blender, mixer, juicer and so forth. Maybe having a sort of modified little drill for small things and then having one drill like this for the big jobs like mixing, blending and such, they certainly have the power to do most of those, especially if you have a decent quality one.

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