Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

What Do Freedom and Independence Mean to You?

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

Kris Kristofferson

In the context of 1776 colonial America, freedom and independence meant being free and independent from the tyranny of taxation without representation, illegal search and seizure and other nasty imperialistic institutions (for the sake of economy, we won’t go into the myriad contradictions of our founding fathers).

Today, there are new forces inhibiting our freedom and independence: Bills we cannot keep up with. Mountains of debt. Constant streams of emails, texts, and hyperlinks begging for our attention. Bloated homes we can neither afford nor maintain. Cultural expectations we can never seem to meet.

At LifeEdited, we promote freedom and independence from unimportant stuff.  When we eliminate (or “edit”) that stuff out, the important stuff–relationships, passions, health, great design–naturally moves in.

To get some other perspectives, we asked a few of our friends what freedom and independence meant to them.

From Francine Jay–aka “Miss Minimalist“–we got this response:

To me, freedom is traveling lightly through life. Each extraneous thing I eliminate—be it an unused item, unnecessary purchase, or unfulfilling task—feels like a weight lifted from my shoulders. Paring life down to the essentials is positively liberating!

Joshua Fields Millburn, one of the 2 guys behind “The Minimalists” gave this appropriately minimalist response:

Intentional awareness.

Ari Meisel, a productivity coach and practictioner of “The Art of Less Doing” says this about freedom and independence:

The ability to head half way around the world tomorrow, with no planning, and not knowing if I’ll have Internet access or not and having confidence that my life and business will run itself without interruption.

What about you? What constitutes freedom and independence to you? We’d love your thoughts. Please share below or on our Facebook page. And have a great holiday!

  • I could never describe what I am going through but after reading this I feel so relieved. I feel that these past 3 years have been a blur to me, going through a “trying to prioritize and finding myself phase” adding to that are many more things that people don’t take in consideration. Change is a part of life that we need to understand and not fear. I noticed that not did only my eating style change but so did my entire life, the way i life day to day.I became more aware of my life and the things that were part of my day to day basis. Not a lot of people stop and think “Why am I getting up?” Not the philosophical answer but more of a WHY do you get up and go to work, Bills? yes but WHY? I stopped and thought to myself, why had I stacked up so many bills (back then at my age it was a lot to bare with. Now I can say I’ve made a huge dent but also made me fully aware of why i was really going to work! I decided not to give my money to credit cards anymore, so i went to the core of the problem ME! Why would i purchase something i don’t have money only to get it on credit PLUS interest? I think then came that question, “Do I need it?” 

    Not only have my bills cut down in literally HALF but so did my clutter. I read another article that was posted here regarding how we get emotionally attached to things. That by far has been one of the hardest things to do, getting “rid” of stuff, I say it as if i was giving away a child. But that’s how i feel we get attached no anything that comes through our doors. I live in a small studio with my brother, yes we managed to work things between us (as to privacy) and we LOVE it. I hear a lot of my close friends that they pay more for just a room, still two people. That is ridiculous! Why do you need the extra space?  STUFF. 

    ….in other words for me 

    Freedom is felt when you make choices, but wise choices
    Independence comes when those choices liberate you and do not chain you. 

    • Tim

      I have a similar view to Mag’s post above. I find we are all living on ‘auto pilot’, We never question what or why we do things. We have all been bought up to do things in a certain way and that way is seen as being the ‘right way’. But that may not be the right way for you.

      Freedom for me came when I started questioning things. Here in the UK, I noticed we were being manipulated by the big supermarkets, banks, etc . They made you believe you were making choices for yourself but it is the choices ‘they’ want you to make.
      When I started saying ‘no’ to these ‘morally corrupt’ companies, by voting with my feet and not spending money with them, I saw a massive change in my mindset.
      Suddenly I questioned everything. I quit my job, I scaled down my possessions and am currently moving to a smaller abode. 
      By seeking out a better way to live, I have found a wonderful sense of freedom. My friends think I’m crazy, but then again, they judge on what possessions/car you own.  
      But the piece of mind I have, by making decisions on how ‘I’ want to live, I would not change for anything. 
      Question everything!! 🙂  

      • kerri

        Awesome Tim exactly how I been thinking last few years!! How is it now, I know this post is old???

  • Aaron Agassi

    Freedom, for me, is the liberty to respond by means of shamelessly self promotional hyperlinks: Seriously, that’s a short essay of mine answering your very question.