Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Unfettered Micro-Apartment for the Modern Single City Dweller

Architecturally speaking, 220 sq ft isn’t a ton of room to work with, particularly when you’re trying to include a full apartment’s worth of function. Such was the task at hand for New York’s Echo Design + Architecture when designing their “mini studio.” The firm stated their “intent was to make a small space appear more spacious without sacrificing practicalities of the everyday living.” What they ended up with was a clean, full-function little studio that packs a number of clever features that give it a spacious open feel.

Right inside the front door is a set of built-in cabinetry. Opening the doors reveals a small kitchenette with microwave, toaster oven, two burner cooktop, sink and counter height fridge. Closing off the kitchen adds to the overall cleanliness of the space. There are several other sets of built-in cabinets that presumably house the occupant’s clothes and other stuff. The bathroom is separated by frosted glass walls and door, which allow light to penetrate from the bathroom window into to the living room and vice versa. The frosting provides some degree of privacy, which is good for those of us not so hip on the the transparent bathroom trend.

There’s not a heck of a lot of furniture: a bed with storage underneath, a credenza with a folding table that comes out of its center section and a couple chairs. We suspect a little couch would be placed across from the pretty huge TV that’s on the wall.

Before you say anything: 1. yes, we know it’s a little bit devoid of color and homeyness–“stark” is not an inaccurate adjective to use in describing the look and feel of the place; and 2. it’s most certainly not a great place to raise a few kids–it might even be tight for a couple that spends much time at home. But the fact is there are tons of singles living alone, who just need a clean, modern place to crash and relax. For those people, we think this apartment would be infinitely livable and attractive.

  • MechaLeary

    needs a closet

  • experiencedgrandmother

    Really, micro apartments like these are hotel rooms paid for by the month (rental or mortgage) instead of by the night but without the maid service.

    • David Bush

      That’s actually a really great comparison. These types of spaces are great for young, single people in urban areas. People who spend most of their time at work, or out and about in the city. A place like a hotel room that is efficient, easy to maintain, and small enough so that one doesn’t need a roommate to afford it is ideal.

  • Chris

    Overall, I like it.

    A few personal touches would make the place feel a lot more cozy.

    There are 2 changes that i’d make. I’d swop out the Microwave for a Microwave / Convection oven and I’d replace the bed with a Murphy bed that would add a couch to the set up.

    I’d probably dump the TV / Entertainment center and use my iPad for the odd times when I want to watch something. Or, get a bigger TV and attach it to the wall opposite the bed so I could watch TV in bed.

    • BobbieTheWaterPoloStar

      I like your thinking, but I think that above the credenza there should be a pull out projector screen. And – not to steal from the life edited apartment – I would try to find space for a bed that pulls out of the wall, if whoever owns the place wants to have a buddy over to watch a movie on his projector screen. 😉

  • For being half the size of the LifeEdited 1 Apartment, I think the space utilization is designed quite well. I agree that some soft seating in the form of a love seat or two small comfortable chairs that could be moved together to form a sofa or apart would be a nice addition. I like the contrast of the one black (chalkboard-looking) wall and the white walls. The sliding glass doors that separate the bathroom are functional, modern, and add a touch of richness to the space. I’m not crazy about the kitchen, but think a slight redesign could solve my design concerns. Overall, I think this design is very nicely done to meet the best space configuration and utilization. For 220 sq. ft. it does not appear small nor cramped.

  • clarkbennett

    I think it’s very well done. I also, as others have mentioned, would swap out the microwave for a combination microwave- convection oven, add some softer seating and a murphy bed. I don’t like the “single city dweller” specification. I see no legitimate reason a couple with a minimalist lifestyle couldn’t live in this space.

  • Marrena

    I rather wish they could take the floor plan of this cozy tiny home and translate it into an apartment: