Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Tiny House, Big City

Tiny Houses, as popularized in the news, are typically trailer-mounted and set up either in someone’s backyard as an ADU or are plopped out in the middle of the country. For obvious reasons, throwing them in the middle of an already-dense cityscape is an unlikely scenario. This tiny house in London is funky little exception. While not trailer mounted, its 188 sq ft dimensions and lofted layout are reminiscent of many tiny houses we’ve seen on this site.


The house has a pretty clever configuration with a stairway that descends onto the kitchen counter, a seating area perfect for lilliputians and the loose-jointed, under which are storage areas. There’s a loft bed up top with some built-in storage. There’s a wet bathroom that would look about right in an RV. The windows and light-colored walls make the space feel pretty inviting.


The space is located in London’s desirable Islington neighborhood, which explains the house’s £275K price tag (US$448K). This price translates to $2300 sq ft, which is about $1K more per sq ft than the neighborhood’s average. But in terms of total costs, you’re unlikely to find anything cheaper in the area.

What do you think? Great little deal in awesome neighborhood or big ripoff for tiny digs?

  • Marrena

    Unhygienic, unless the kitchen is just for show. And overpriced!

  • Chris

    Overall, I think it’s an overpriced, potential death trap, ripoff. And, it will probably sell for over asking price !

    I wouldn’t want to be getting up half asleep and trying to safely get down to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

    • Melbournite

      price is relative, and if you lived in London you probably wouldn’t find the price so surprising. I’m not saying the price is good, just that it’s relative.

      why would it be a death trap? I see a door and a large enough window for emergency exit.

      all loft beds come with that same issue of safe ascent/ descent, and I don’t like them much for that reason. what gives me the willies is the feet/ kitchen countertops combo- that grosses me out.

  • Daniele Geltrudi

    It’s a drastic but intelligent solution for being able to live in the only global city in Europe: location, location, location…

  • Tania

    Feet on the kitchen counter would bother me. But other than that, it’s a cool space.

    • Melbournite

      yep, any solution that merges feet and kitchen countertops needs a rethink.

  • MoragJ

    A friend toured the house as part of an Open Houses event in Islington. She heard that the owner is only there on weekends.

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  • For me, the small living movement shouldn’t be a front for increasing property prices.

    • Saying out

      Well said rob.

  • Saying out

    the price is down to pure greed and London dwellers obviously think,this is the most desirable place to live.
    Stepping onto the kitchen counter is unhygienic and bad design, perhaps desperate?
    No older or disabled person has access in places such as these. One floor living is an imperative, not a desire. This enables independence and safety.

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