Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

This Mouse Eats Your Paper Clutter Whole

Okay, we’ve talked about the limitations of multifunctional design, but we have to say the IRIScan Mouse Scanner is a pretty cool and logical combo. All you do is wave the mouse over your doc and their software pieces together the swipes. When you’ve scanned the doc, you can crop the scanned image to the appropriate dimensions. Its 300 dpi resolution might be wanting for artists and designers, but for the vast majority of people who just want to scan important documents, it’s more than sufficient. At $79, it’s a good deal considering it replaces a mouse (not that you needed to replace yours, mind you) and scanner, and cuts down on bulk.

One not-so-little issue we saw with the IRIScan: It only works on Windows. We did a little searching and found the LG LSM-100, which handles both Windows and Mac, and boasts 1200 dpi scans. We saw it on Amazon for $95 (there were a few negative reviews on Amazon, but that always seems to the case no matter the product).


Both IRIScan and the LG LSM-100 feature Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which recognizes text characters in 180 languages and optimizes the scans.

Few things cut clutter quicker than digitizing your documents. The only more compact solution we’ve seen are mobile device scanner apps. These mice are a great option if you want higher image quality without much extra equipment.

  • Black Knight Rebel

    Is the software on the mouse itself or does it require a separate install? Does it require administrative privileges to install or run?

    These are important considerations to have in mind becasue it could mean the difference between a useful library companion or just a plain office accessory.

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