Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

This is the Future of Furniture Design and Fabrication

Designing small space furniture might not be rocket science, but it does require geometry. More specifically, it requires making furniture that’s proportional to a particular space’s dimensions. Now imagine you could easily design and adjust the dimensions of your furniture to be proportional to your small space (or large one I guess). And imagine this same furniture could be seen in your space through your mobile device via an augmented reality app. Imagine no more, because now there’s Tylko.

Through its very easy to use web interface, Tylko allows you to create custom furniture that’s just right for your space. But their app goes several steps further, using your iOS device’s camera to create an augmented reality view of what the furniture will look like in your space.


Right now, Tylko’s website features a number of smart looking plywood cabinets whose dimensions and finishes are incredibly easy to adjust. The app will be launching today at London’s Design Festival and will coincide their new Hub Table, a collaboration with celebrated industrial designer Yves Béhar. The table’s dimensions, legs and finishes will all be totally customizable. Tylko boasts that between their table and cabinets, there will be “billions” of different customization options available via the app.


Unfortunately for most of us, the app will only be launching on the Apple app stores for Germany, Austria and Tylko’s native Poland. But we suspect that between its incredibly user-friendly user-interface and ability to make nice-looking and reasonably-priced custom furniture, their technology and idea will spread quickly.

Via Fuse Project

  • Found this on a tiny homes- simple living website. A simple coffee table that costs about $1000. Get one in a used store for $75. That will save you enough money so you don’t have to work so much.