Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

The Funk-and-Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt

A fashion startup called Wool and Prince is offering the ideal dress shirt to include in your personal uniform. Their shirt, being launched on Kickstarter, is made of 100% wool that they say will not wrinkle or get all funked up after 100 wears–a claim the founder Mac personally verified through personal wear, sans undershirt. In fact, they gave the shirts to 15 dudes around the world who “did everything from backpacking in the Andes to dancing in ‘Tropical’ NYC clubs.” You can see some of their hijinks on the Wool and Prince’s website.


Other salient features include soft-to-skin fibers (they call the particular type of wool “Cotton Soft”), breathability and the availability of several colors and patterns.

The company’s beer-pong chic brand identity might be a bit off-putting to some (their tagline is the “Well Endowed Fiber”), but the shirt, like the Ministry of Supply shirt we looked at a while back, apparently has great appeal. At last check, they raised $299,354 of their $30K goal for the first run of shirts due in November. Before they sold out of their shirts, a $98 pledge would have got you one of their shirts, which isn’t a half-bad price  for a shirt that does double or triple duty (no indication how much they’ll be when they come to market).

What’s so smart about Wool and Prince is that they are thinking about how to make our everyday items better. Men have come to assume that button down shirts need to be washed and pressed after every wear, but maybe not. Maybe you can wear one shirt throughout the week and it’s still fresh enough for the Chris Farley movie retrospective on Friday night.

image via Wool and Prince

  • Wool&Prince Help

    Great write-up, thank you. We’re excited to send the backers their shirts. Stay tuned as well, we have a lot more in store coming soon.