Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Insulate Yourself with Art

Building materials seldom get a lot of love outside of trade rags. For example, the LifeEdited apartment’s insulation allowed us to go from four to one radiators, providing huge energy savings. But we’ve never posted about it because pictures of cellulose batt and air barriers are about as sexy as a head of lettuce.

So when there’s sexy building materials, we get quite aroused (probably carrying this metaphor a bit far). Swedish firm Baux has invented one ingenious, super hot wall panel that adds three things that are often-missing from our homes. Their Träullit panels add acoustic and thermal insulation as well as gorgeous looks, all in an easy-to-install, eco-friendly package. Additional benefits include fire resistance and moisture retention.


The panels are made of a recyclable material composed of wood wool, cement and water. They come in six shapes and 20 different colors. Along with a downloadable design tool, you (or your architect) can make the panels into a custom wall hanging. We think they look great.


Compact living can be a bit wanting in the auditory isolation department. We imagine these panels would help muffle unwanted sounds from nearby family, roommates, neighbors, etc. The fact you can achieve all of this without tearing up the walls and adding acoustic batt or sound board is a huge plus, especially for renters who might not want to invest in their space. Lastly, they look good enough to be wall art–not a common charge for acoustic and thermal insulation.

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Via Design Milk

  • Christopher Tilley

    I love the idea of being able to get different shapes and colors for something as mundane as insulation.

    You could create a mosaic that, depending on how easy it is to move the tiles around, could be changed over time to keep the decor fresh.

    I wonder how easy it is to hang pictures, etc from them. While I like the idea of having a wall of color, I’d also like to be able to hang photos and stuff on that wall.

  • Lex DeNovo

    Stylish and clean. Edited, if you will. My only concern is their depth. Applied to the living side of the wall, they are going to take up space (as compared to being inside the wall). Do they need to be on all exposed wall to insulate, etc., or do they serve their functional purpose even when glommed together and appearing more as art than insulation?

    • David Friedlander

      the depth occurred to me as well. they look they’re about 2-3″ thick. given their capabilities, it might be a decent sacrifice.
      i imagine their sound deadening properties necessitate they be on the surface–given their appearance, that’s probably for the best.

      • William

        From the Baux web site, all the different shapes are 25mm thick, essentially 1 inch thick. They have a magnetic panel they can be mounted to, or they can be glued direct to the wall.