Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Fair Companies Turns Camera on LifeEdited Apartment

Fair Companies is by far the most comprehensive source for videos of great small space homes. That’s why we’re really excited to have the LifeEdited apartment featured on their site. Kirsten Dirksen, who runs Fair Companies, did this profile last month.

Some of the best parts are the “before” pictures of the space taken two and one years ago–the first as a beat-up four room apartment and then post-demolition when it the space was stripped to the joists. Contrasting those scenes with what it looks like now is pretty dramatic.

This is actually the most thorough tour of the space to date as it goes through every corner and most every feature of the apartment. It shows that a living/lived-in, peering into Graham Hill’s wardrobe and showing a recent 10 person dinner party.

  • WhippleStTracy

    Love this. I would love to see a design concept for a small family. Like a couple and a baby. My husband and I have been talking about about this because we love our small space (we live is a loft with a half wall that divides the bedrooms and no doors. My only concern would be keeping a baby’s room quiet while my husband runs his vitamix everyday. I will stay tuned, you never know what new concepts will come up from this site that we could use.

  • I’ve been playing around with this drafting program figuring out the most optimum way to go about having a 3 bedroom family home that is passive in design (heating, cooling, cooking, water storage & use etc.). I’m a long way from where I want to go, especially as I am learning the program. But there is one thing I did discover as highly efficient – rethinking the washroom.

    1) Take that sink out of the bathroom and have a nice double sink that is between the rest of the ‘washroom’ and the kitchen. You wash when you step out without interrupting kitchen work with the added social pressure to wash.

    2)Have a ‘wet closet’ for your shower/tub + changing space,

    3)Have an ‘earth closet’ that can stand alone (composting toilet in my designs so no need for plumbing) in which you can have two of them for optimum function when demand is high. and

    4) Have the washer, washing machine, the sinks and wet closet beside/stacked on one another which uses a lot less plumbing which saves money, water pressure, and water heating.

    Your apartment design really helps in planning other living spaces, thank you for sharing this.

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  • G

    What glossy material are you using on your white cabinet doors?

  • Blaise Garant

    I have a technical question: The moving wall has a computer “in it” but of course, we don’t see any wires moving along with the wall. Where’s the power source? In the rails?

    • lifeedited

      there’s an extension cord on a spool that’s plugged into a floor mounted outlet. we couldn’t figure out a more elegant solution. works well enough though.

      • Blaise Garant