Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Drier Hair, Fresher Food

These plastic doohickies might look like shower caps, but they are actually designed to protect food. Just slip them over plates, platters or any other container, and you have a food-preserving cover. Many of the companies that make them use breathable plastic to maintain moisture without spoilage.

We like these simple and reusable covers for a number of reasons. First, the safety of most plastic leftover containers is suspect; these allow you to use your chemically stable ceramic and glass dishes and containers. Next, using plastic wrap is often as cumbersome as it is wasteful; how many times have you wrapped and re-wrapped a dish only to have a pretty crummy seal? Last, these covers turn the containers we already have into food storage. (As a bonus, they’d probably make adequate shower caps).

There are a number of manufactures offering these covers on Amazon. Most are under $15 and include several sizes for various containers.

  • Kelley Chambers

    Forget buying them Amazon… get ’em at Dollar Tree!!! Been usin’ ’em for YEARS!!!!

  • Tor

    Umm, my mother has had things like that for decades. Not saying it isn’t a good idea. It just isn’t that fresh.

    • lifeedited

      we realize this is not groundbreaking technology. but it’s amazing how few people know about, much less use, simple little things like this that can streamline life considerably.

      • Tor

        i can appreciate that.

  • M

    Aren’t they a pain to clean??

  • tombor

    I hate plastic

  • My life changed when I started using Glad Press & Seal instead of Saran Wrap. It is a miracle! Not reusable, but it creates a tight seal and doesn’t get stuck to itself unless you want it to. Plus it has the advantage of being usable with the dishes you already own.

  • DianaBGKY

    I replaced all my Tupperware with glass storage a few years ago. Love it…freezer and dishwasher safe. And I bought just the amount I use. (Sold the plastic to someone who did not mind it.)

  • BunBun

    I bought a huge set of these at my supermarket on sale for $2.19. I would check around, You should be able to get them for less than the Amazon price quoted. I hate plastic too. I don’t find them hard to rinse out. I put them in the window to dry in the sun. The ultraviolet rays kill germs.

  • sacha

    I got an unused shower cap from a friend and have been using ever since to cover the bowl with my bread dough in it. Genious! Haven’t used plastic wrap ever since