Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Build Your Own Murphy Bed for $275

One of the bigger challenges to starting your edited life is reasonably priced transforming furniture. While we believe the high quality and versatile Resource Furniture used in the first LifeEdited apartment is worth every penny, many of their large pieces are several thousand dollars, putting it outside the price range for many people.

Perhaps no piece of furniture is more important to an edited home than a transforming bed. Beds are huge space hogs, whose utility is only relevant when we’re unconscious. A queen sized bed is about 35 sq feet; why wouldn’t you want to use that space for your 16 waking hours?

A “product” called the Moddi Murphy Bed is the least expensive entry point we’ve found for getting your bed out of the way. The site sells plans for $8, which instruct you how to take easy to find IKEA furniture and other hardware to make a twin or full sized murphy bed for $275 (most pre-builts start around $1500). The finished product–which can be modified depending on which IKEA finishes you purchase–looks pretty great too.

One of the aims of LifeEdited is providing the resources to make simpler, happier lives, no matter your budget. If you know of any other low-cost transforming furniture or hacks, please let us know.

via IKEAhackers

image from Apartment Therapy

  • Morten Storgaard

    Very nice, love the Murphy beds from Resource Furniture, and Moddi does some amazing stuff as well! Keep it up 🙂


  • Murphy beds are so much easy to install. With the help of your post one can easily make it out. I am also looking forward to it as there are many features and it takes less space also.

  • John Tennant
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  • Murphy Sofa

    We sell stylish balanced murphy beds ( at a much lower price than some other big guys. Also transformable tables which we build to fit exactly under the units!

    • Norma

      Beds and tables for $5000 is NOT what this article is about. Sorry.

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  • Steve Barel
  • What a great resource! I plan to pass this link on to parents I work with and readers of Lots of handy folks out there who would LOVE to build one of these for their child.

  • Can this be made as a vertical bed? Has anyone actually tried?
    Love the idea but horizontal is too large for the space I want it in.

  • sojoloco
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  • John

    A Murphy bed under $275 is interesting 😀
    Thanks for this post

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  • Leah E. Sharp

    This colour palette has navigated right into my heart.

  • Gary Ark

    If for my bed, I would love to have a comfy with an affordable price. Because you never, you might have some water damage in the house and it will be a waste of this wonderful stylish murphy beds if this will soak up.