Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

A Room’s Furniture In a Box

Few things are as prohibitive to living a lightweight lifestyle–one where you throw your stuff in small storage locker for a month or two while you travel–than furniture. Furniture tends to be awkward to move, it gets dirty easily and it’s hard to stack. Many times, throwing it to the curb seems just as practical as storing it. A company called TRUE makes this dilemma, well, false. Their IN A BOX furniture sets stash complete room furnishings into boxes that are easy to stash, store and move.

They have three different sets: the living room in a box, which fits a sofa, club chair, entertainment center, lamp and coffee table into a 42″L x 24″W x 21″H, 190 lb box; the dining room in a box, which fits a table, four chairs, a lamp and wine rack into a 35″H x 18″W x 20″D, 201 lb box; and, for the minimalist oenophile, the wine bar in a box, which fits two bar stools, a hightop table and wine rack into a 45″H x 19″W x 15″D, 141 lb box (no box wine included).

All of the furniture is made of welded aluminum, reclaimed wood, “reclaimed” steel (recycled?) and hand-sewn canvas; the wine bar top is made of vintage redwood from old merlot tanks. TRUE says that the furniture has “an aesthetic that’s neutral with an industrial appeal.” We think it looks like something out of Patton’s field camp…but in a really cool way.

Despite its military surplus looks, IN A BOX ain’t cheap. The living room set is $4200, the dining is $4600 and the wine bar is $1900. Considering: 1. the furniture is all handcrafted, 2. the two boxes could more or less furnish an apartment (the wine bar seems a bit extraneous), and 3. the furniture could give someone a level of unheard of mobility while still maintaining pretty jazzy style and comfort, the prices might not be that ridiculous.

  • Rebecca Cody

    So, you sleep on the floor?

    I like this concept. A friend of mine, an accomplished woodworker who regularly moved back and forth between Washington and Michigan, built his own take-apart wooden furniture that bolted together easily. Everything he needed fit into a small covered trailer, and his home was always comfy and welcoming. I encouraged him to put his designs into a book (this was before the internet) but he never did.

  • Chris

    When IKEA first came to the UK, they offered something similar where you could buy all the furniture for a studio, 1 or 2 bed room place in a box. I think they had different price levels from I’m going to say from Spartan to Luxury. I think it included the furniture, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, bedding, etc.

  • Maggie

    Nice idea, especially for those of us who live in small spaces. We don’t need a dining table for six all the time. We don’t need extra general seating all the time either. A pleasant idea just to be able to box up when unneeded and unbox when needed appeals.