Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

4 Pieces of Furniture that Mix Business with Leisure

For today’s work-at-home professional there’s often a fuzzy division between home and work life. Particularly in small spaces without dedicated offices, there’s an imperative to create some division lest we sleep through our workday or work through our sleep day. Multifunctional furniture can do this, creating distinct functions for different duties. Here are a few pieces that shift a room’s focus from work to leisure or vice versa.


Berlin-based BLESS design studio made this table whose top flips over to convert into a single bed. The table/bed, which features a bunch of storage, would be great for artists who need large work surfaces or for people who have teams. It would also make a good dining table. (It might not be good for people with partners). Gizmodo reports that the unit is available through BLESS’s seldom-updated, confounding website. We’ll take their word for it.



Venerated Swiss furniture maker Vitra will be showing off this cool cubicle concept at this week’s Orgatec tradeshow in Cologne, Germany. Inside the cube is a surface that can raised and lowered to be used as sofa, conventional desk or standing desk. While the piece does have a somewhat office-y vibe, we could imagine having one of these in the house as a dedicated office space. We could also see lengthening it to make a bed.

Resource Furniture Ulisse

Resource furniture makes a number of wall-bed/desk or tables. It houses a queen size bed and has a desk on the front. Prices start at $4,150.

Studio NL

studio-nl-desk-bed-4 studio-nl-desk-bed

The George Constanza, ahem, 1,6 S.M. of Life line by Studio NL features a single bed underneath a desk top. They’ve included a place for a computer monitor/tv and the head of the desk/bed opens to provide ventilation or something. This design seems best suited for the office worker with a horrible home life.

  • Cayman

    Ah, for the days gone by when I wished for a more comfortable spot to catch an hours shut eye when pulling all nighters for work. Office carpet tiles are pretty uncomfortable and filthy. Sneaking into one of the big offices to use a couch was fraught with danger. The sick room was locked since a couple got caught shagging at 7am on a Saturday after a Friday night sleepover when they thought nobody else was in the office. But I never had a desk that was long enough to convert into a 6 foot bed. If I had I would have been senior enough to go home to bed and leave the minions to the work.

  • Paloma León

    What a pratical ideas!